When All We Have Is Optimism and Faith

Being an entrepreneur is no joke! I think this is why many entrepreneurs at times have a hard time encouraging others to do so. It’s hard to tell people to walk a path that really has no end in sight or blueprint. The entrepreneurs’ path is a continuous journey and there are no rights or wrongs. You just have to go at it with faith and optimism. This is probably the best advice anyone will give you when it comes to taking a new road. It’s a matter of what you do with what’s given to you and how you work to make it turn into something better than what you imagined. There will be difficult times, 100%, there will be moments of disbelief. But it’s the moment you lose faith and dwell in pessimism when you stagnate, that will halt your ability to move forward.

A negative mind, it will never produce great results. Even in the face of something that may appear grim, you must ask yourself what can I do, what can we do to make this better? How can I work with this? This is something that many entrepreneurs face but it’s also what we face in other aspects of our lives. We cannot let fear of the unknown lead us to make brash decisions and we cannot let assumptions be our only source of reason. When there is a will, there is a way. Find your way through what you have been given. Maintain your faith, be optimistic and thrive on solutions rather than disillusionment. This is all you will have, this is all we have when the going gets rough. This is what you need if you want to make things better in any circumstance. Throwing your hands in the air, or fleeing to a place that you deem as safe is not the answer. We cannot run from things we don’t like or that make us uncomfortable; this includes people.

When you own your own business you begin to encounter many different personalities. Different people with their own story, their own motivations and different ways of doing things. Sometimes you will like them, you will like them as people and how they work as business people. Other times, you will encounter people that you don’t gel well with, but you have to work with them. Individuals who may pose a threat to your optimism and faith, they kind of poke a hole in the bubble you live in. As much as you want to push them aside and move onto the next, you realize that part of you thriving is working with them; working together. So only with optimism and faith, only with this, will you push through those pessimistic mental walls and find solutions to make it work. You make what’s in front of you work so it works for you and the person after you. You make what’s before you work so your dreams, your vision will become a reality. Even if it means seeing the best in someone that you may not have a lot of faith in.

It’s through faith and optimism that success stories are made, nothing less, nothing more. Coupled with the work…you must do the work because good things are possible even in the grimmest of times. Your number one goal is to never give up. Don’t change who you are (although, work on self-improvement always), change the situation and do what you can one day at a time to manifest your dreams into a tangible reality. Whether it be to build a successful company or to build a better community.

It’s important that we stop approaching life with only pessimism; with anger. I can’t remember a time when I made good decisions while angry and I can’t remember ever thinking wow this is the happiest time in my life. I know I know, it’s not that easy…it’s not supposed to be, unfortunately. We are always tested when it comes to the things worth having and we shall only get there with unwavering faith. We will only experience the love and life we truly want if we believe and work to have it. So believe and do the work. Build a better life, build a bigger dream, build a strong community –do the work and do it with faith and optimism. Find solutions and own what you don’t know and learn as much as you can.

There is so much going on in the world, where do we begin?…where do you begin? There is so much going on in your life, where do you start?…when do you begin? Like a rubrics cube, you must figure out the puzzle, be patient, eventually that patterns will all align and come together as they should. That goal you have in mind will come to light because if it’s possible for someone else, why isn’t it possible for you?

I am not sure what path you are on. What you want out of life. What your hopes, dreams, and fears are. But what I do know, whenever people ask me, let’s say how do you keep doing what you are doing without losing it or wanting to give up? My faith is unwavering, my optimism is strong and I know that if you really believe in something and you put in the work, you will find a way. A way that will eventually lead to you reaching your goal or living your dream. Not only can you achieve this for yourself, you can also use your faith and optimism to help others.

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Hanifa Sekandi

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