The Power of Embracing Change

It is inevitable that nothing will stay the same. You won’t stay young forever. The moon will never feel the same to you as it did last summer. Because that was then and this is now. We will just have to accept nothing will ever be the same so we must embrace the evolution that will occur in our lives. The changing seasons, the changing currents of time. With this, we must accept the changes we will experience within ourselves. The changes we see when we look in the mirror as time goes on. I feel I look and feel better than I did before. I embrace the new me I see before me. Not perfect, no one will ever be. But I feel the need to continue to embrace myself in a way that’s honest to the internal and external shifts taking place naturally, circumstantially and by choice.

It’s not an easy thing to do; embrace change. Some things we are okay with and we don’t even notice. I think the biggest conflict we all face is embracing the changes that happen beyond the surface level, at a deeper level. The phrase I know who I am has always been quite silly to me. Yes, at the very core you know thy self. But it’s important to keep in mind you are an ever-changing evolving being that inhabits an environment that is conducive to change. Everything about having a good life is dependent on embracing change. Riding the wave because you can’t swim against the current. It’s the only way your life experiences, the wisdom you gain with each curve and bend will become your trusted teacher. The reason why you become who you are truly meant to be. Why you are here on earth and fulfilling your purpose requires you to be open to change. Open and aware with the fact that not everything should stay the same.

Sometimes I feel like I am swaying like a pendulum; back and forth. Letting go of the old in order to make room and create a loving space for where I am going. I am not the person I was a year ago. Or even ten years ago. Sometimes I think to myself I don’t know that person, but I don’t know this person either. What I do know, is that I have happily embraced the changes that come with life. The growth I have experienced and the belief that who I am doesn’t need to be defined. Who I am…I am here. We are all just here trying to live the best life possible. I hope for you it’s filled with love, honesty and most of all integrity. I hope you seize the moment. I hope you embrace change with open arms.

There’s a beautiful light you will feel within yourself when you run with the wind so to speak. The heaviness that you carry on your shoulders will fall away. That burden you carry to portray a self that will never be true to the natural process of transformation within you will ease. I am inspired by those who I see who are moving with life. Evolving with life in all the dynamic ways possible; the possibilities are endless. Your potential is endless. You don’t need to be stuck in the mud, you don’t need to stick your heels in. Mostly, you don’t need to suffer. I find the times you will suffer the most is when you get lost in ideals that no longer work with the changing elements in life. It’s okay to become anew. It’s okay to learn more, to enrich yourself in extraordinary ways and reach beyond your limits. It’s okay, you are allowed to change. You’re allowed to like something one day and questions it the next day or year because life has taught you better. It’s okay to have questions and seek answers; nothing is absolute.

Imagine where you would be now if you gave into change and newness. Imagine where you are now because you did just that. Remember, only you hold yourself back. The secret to happiness is very simple. You don’t need to search the ends of the earth to find it. We are miserable because we lack acceptance. We are miserable because we hate ourselves and mostly because we don’t understand ourselves. What we don’t understand is that resistance to change and letting go so life can actually happen contributes to your misery. What we don’t understand is the significance of moving forward, releasing old views and ideas of self that no longer work. Ideas that don’t propel one forward. Look at your life. What’s really holding you back? What is it? As you delve deep into this, really get inside yourself. You will see it’s your inability to adapt, your inability to allow any new transformation to occur because it goes against a thought or ideal you once had. Let it go.

Successful people or happy people for that matter aren’t some rare hybrid human being  Well, maybe they are. Maybe they realized sooner than you that part of the process of walking the great path in life is running with it. Knowing that the road will continually change as they get to a new destination point. The people will change, feelings will be different, the air will smell different and their hearts will flourish and break at the same time. On this journey as it takes them to the many new sights and sounds of life. On this journey when life is so sweet and bitter at the same time, they know they will be okay, you will be okay, because we will welcome all this newness as it welcomes us. The people you admire or desire to be like, understand that there is no need to look back. They just keep on going, keep on learning, keep on growing; they embrace it. Can you?



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