Lingerie, a girl’s best friend

Chantilly lace, satin, or French silk, so many to choose from what’s a girl to do? There is nothing better than the feel of luxe lingerie against your skin. I think most of you will agree that lingerie is indeed a girl’s best friend. If you have any doubts, venture into a Victoria Secret store when they debut a new collection…bras and panties are seriously flying. Never mess with a girl who has her hands full of lace and satin!

It’s the love month and for some of you it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday and you just can’t wait. If you aren’t single I am certain that lingerie is at the top of your shopping list, if you don’t already have a great collection. I always think it’s good a idea to pick up new lingerie every month; the more the merrier!

I thought I would give you a few fun facts about lingerie. Something things you may not know…and of course I want you to be in the know.

Did you know?…

1. 52% of women prefer panties over thongs

2. 3 most popular colours: Purple, lilac and blue

3. The average bra life span is approximately 6 months

4. The modern “Backless Brassiere” bra was invented by Mary Phelps Jacobs. The first design involved the sewing together two handkerchiefs with pink ribbon and a cord. This design was patented in 1914.

5. 37% of women won’t try on a bra before they buy it

6. According to Redbook Magazine women spend approximately $16 billion dollars on bras a year.
7. The average bust size is a 34C

Here are four of my favourite luxe brands:

1. Fleur of England
Founded in 2001 by Fleur Turner
Signature: bras with peek-a-boo cutouts and lace trim

2. Faire Frou Frou
Founded by Alison and Gail Rubke
Means ” to show off” in French

3. La Perla
Founded 1964 by corset maker Ada Massotti
One of the first lingerie companies to design lingerie that’s meant to be shown off outside of the boudoir.

4. Agent Provocateur
Founded by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees
French for “inciting agent” – an undercover agents whose job is to entice, lure or seduce

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Photos Courtesy of: La Perla; Agent Provocateur; Fleur of England & Faire Frou Frou

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