I Like You Just the Way I am by Jenny Mollen

A good friend of mine told me to read this books. Apparently, I remind him of Jenny Mollen a little bit. I wouldn’t say we are alike, cause she is pretty crazy. Maybe a ten crazy and I am more like a seven crazy, fine seven point five.  I have never done any of the things Mollen has done…but maybe I want to! Maybe it’s the writing style (she’s much crasser than I would ever be!) or some other qualities that shall remain unknown to you. So I decided on a Sunday afternoon to head over to Indigo to get a copy of her debut book ” I like you just the way I am”.  For obvious reasons, I liked the title. She is clearly confident and I like just the way I am so it made sense to buy this book. True story, I almost had second thoughts once I heard the cashier say “that will be 30 something dollars”. I am not cheap but have books always been this expensive? I am an avid reader…maybe they have been. I guess I wasn’t expecting it Jenny, but I rationalized that you would buy my book too so, I had to support.


Jenny Mollen
I Like You Just The Way I am – $20.17


In a nutshell, the book chronicles Jenny’s life. By the way, Mollen is married to Jason Biggs (American Pie). I was surprised by how candid she was about their relationship and her views on his family. Just skip right to the chapter about the time she and Jason bought a hooker or two for one of his birthdays. She shares a lot about her childhood and her parents. It’s safe to say they are all good sports and she buys them really nice gifts…on sale!

You know what, I actually liked it. There is something refreshing about someone who can speak so honestly. There is something real about Mollen. Something I wish more women and men could learn to do. Life is too short to worry so much about what other people think. It’s such a waste of energy when you can instead become friends with your husband’s ex-girlfriend as Mollen did for a short period of time, because why not? What I wasn’t into, well I felt like some of the stories could have been left out. Maybe two chapters….sorry Jenny. They just bored me so much I fell asleep with the book in my hand. But, this book still comes out on top and I do highly recommend this book. Take it with you on vacation and read it while on the beach.

For all you wild free-spirited women out there, not to worry. There is a guy out there for you who will appreciate the broadway show of a life you have to offer. You make life interesting…what’s not to love. I am sure everyone who knows Mollen will say the same; there’s nothing not to love about her. I look forward to reading another Mollen project and can someone put her in a movie already?! Hello, we’re waiting!!

Let me know if you have read this book or plan on reading it.

Oh by the way…You can get a good laugh from Mollen for the next few weeks. She is hosting the Bachelor In Paradise after show, After Paradise, with Chris Harrison. Just read her tweets if you want to get a good sense of what Mollen has to contribute; she won’t disappoint.





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