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I read an article this morning via Facebook about “what men really think” about ladies attire during festivals like Cochella. To be honest, fellas we don’t give a shit what you think, so this article is ridiculous. What, do you think we get dressed simply for you?! I don’t think so. If you don’t like it then don’t look or better yet just walk on by buddy. Women/people are allowed to express themselves which ever way they feel is best for them. You may not agree with some of her fashion choices, but guess what it’s not about you. Check yourself in the mirror. The hate is real y’all.

As you know I love love the 70s. This fashion era keeps making its way back in some way every year. It’s a true fact; just embrace it. You may notice a lot of festival goers pay homage to this time period; peace and love. Since, we live in a time where everything is in and you can express yourself exactly how you want. I think it’s time for the I am better than you mentality to stop.

I always enjoy looking at all the cool outfits donned by fashionistas around the world. It’s festival season, where good music, good people and good vibes is the anthem. Some of you may call me biased because I own too much fringe, but guess what I don’t care. Neither do the girls you wrote that article about. Thanks for making us famous.

Just to make sure this list, “what guys hate about Cochella Fashion”, is complete I thought I would add some of my festival essentials into the mix of hate. Don’t be surprised to see fringe..okay.

What in a Hat?
A jumbo hat of course. I know I am short, but so what. The bigger the hat the better. Besides, you must protect your skin from the sear of the summer sun. This is an instant face lift and the ultimate beauty tip.

Bag Lady
The over sized bag is a no brainer. Why? Well you need to fit in every other tacky outfit you plan on wearing that day. In addition to some bevies to keep you hydrated.

Fringe! If you don’t own a single fringe item in your wardrobe. I am very disappointed in you. Nothing says summer like a nice pair of fringe ankle boots or a fringe vest. You can layer fringe on any basic and it’s a great statement piece.

White sun dress, white tanks, white shorts, white jeans. Get your white basics and get good quality. There is a lot of room to work with when you have good basics in your repertoire. It’s all about layering and white is a good place to start.

Sunnies. Again, I love my shades super big. Perhaps it makes me feel tall. Get a pair that suits you. You can splurge on this accessory as well since you will use them pretty much all summer.

You need to accessorizes, but don’t over do it. You get what I am saying. The fringe, the big hat, the sunnies…your outfit needs to make sense. Unless you are wearing something simple, a basic, (then you can wear a nice statement piece) all accessories should just accent your look. You want to look effortless. Besides, don’t festivals last a few days anyway? So you can wear something different each day.

As a Canadian I a proud to wear the Canadian tuxedo. It warms my heart to see others embracing this look. Ripped distress denim is what you need this summer; well every summer. Whether it be shorts, jeans, overalls or a jacket. It’s time for you to have at least one of each.

Ankle Boot
A sleek ankle boot, I declare I am obsessed with ankle boots. There are a variety of different styles out there so choose what suits you. Oh, I also just got a new pair of Dr. Martens (hello 90s) which I plan to over wear because I simply don’t care; I love them!

The Kaftan/Kimono
A.k.a. the stylish mumu. I collect kimonos and kaftans. I look for high quality fabrics. Sheer is always a good idea along with detailed beading. I also appreciate a beautiful floral print.

Whether is a striped romper, crop top or dress. Embrace different prints from stripes, animal prints to florals. There are so many to choose from. Don’t be afraid of colour. This is the perfect time to wear something bright and bold.

Blanket Coat
These became trendy this fall. It’s pretty much a DIY poncho. I am sure you aren’t surprised that I own a few (remember so in love with the 70s). It gets cooler at night so keep warm with a blanket coat. You can either buy one or make one with a large scarf by folding it into a triangle and draping the flat surface over your shoulders.

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