Why Your Time Is Everything

Time is of the essence they say. Time waits for no one. Time is precious; cherish it. When you are younger it feels as though time is infinite. Days feel like a lifetime and summers feel like heaven on earth. As you get older you realize how quickly that blissful heaven on earth can disappear in a second. All those nights lying on the grass looking at the stars, the warmth of the summer breeze brushing across your face. This was a perfect time. A time when you would spend time with those you loved; your friends. Back then it didn’t matter who your friends were or what they did, if they had money or if they would one day grow up to be famous. You would spend time with them because you valued them and they valued you. You came together out of mutual care and an unspoken understanding of the value of that time; your youth.

We got older. Now we are forced into time. We have schedules, deadlines, appointments; so many things to do. Time is not infinite. Time doesn’t belong to the day like it once did when you were a free-wheeling child exploring the city. Now time belongs to something or someone…don’t you have somewhere to be right now?! Don’t worry I won’t be long since you don’t have time to read just for simple pleasure anymore. Gone are the days when we didn’t have to pick and choose who we would spend our time with. Now, we are all afraid of wasting time. To those who aren’t, you better wake up! Right now, if you are entering your twenties and onward. It’s important to take stock of how you spend your time and who you spend that time with. Be thankful for your childhood where you could manipulate the limits of time. As an adult, it’s a different story.

More than ever you have to recognize your value. Your value in relation to time. How you spend that time will be indicative of the value you place on your life. Sometimes we don’t realize that if you don’t value yourself then you don’t value your precious time here. However long that may be…no one really knows. What I do know is that it’s very important to fill up those moments in time with things or people who do not diminish your value; which is your time. So when I say time is EVERYTHING, it’s true. It’s essentially all we will ever have. Nothing will ever be greater than time…other than love. But love will never take shape in your life if you don’t value your time. If you respect and value yourself, you will, in turn, strive to value the time you spend here in this realm of existence and fill that with only love. Yes, “love is all you need” but love is built on time and the value we place on ourselves.


Stop Wasting Your Precious Time 

So when they say stop wasting your time. It’s true. Don’t question this, take it in and let this chase you through each moment you are gifted with. If there is something you have always wanted to do, do it now. Now is the time to live the best life you possibly can. Now is the time to remove what doesn’t nourish you, enrich you and propel you into the best state of existence. Stop saying a few months from now I will do this. Stop saying when this happens I will do this. Just Stop! Stop assuming you will ever know what the future looks like or if your time is even destined to be that long. Value yourself enough to commit to what moves you in life; start now. Value yourself enough to fill up every moment with moments that are joyous and give them back as much as you can.

Stop twisting the truth that lives in reality with lies and explanations. Guess what? The lies and explanations you have continuously told yourself won’t make up for the lost time you didn’t utilize well. If you are in a bad relationship, hate your job, have shitty friends…you are a serious time waster. If you keep putting off that art class you have always wanted to take in hopes that in the future you will have time. You are a serious time waster. This should concern you more than when you are going to buy your dream car or meet the partner of your dreams. Why? Because chances are if you are a time waster you aren’t making decisions based on the value of your time and your relationship with it. You may work all those hours at that crappy job you hate to buy that fancy car; working overtime just to pay for it. Who cares if you are a little stressed and have many sleepless nights. Who cares if the person you’re dating right now doesn’t treat you well, as long as you get that big wedding you have always dreamed of.

I am not saying you can’t have nice things in life or meet the partner of your dreams. What I am saying is that if you value yourself you will begin to lead a life that’s full of all the things you ever needed, wanted and more, but this ideal is value driven. Of course, I must leave you with an example. A long time ago, I had someone in my life who I was gifted the opportunity to get lost in the gift of time with. We were young, we were in our glorious youth. Still to this day I remember each moment we were together. It’s amazing how vivid some memories can be; feels like I am still there as I think about it. Well, it took me not having them in my life to realize how precious time is. It’s sad to think that someone has to pass in our lives for us to value time. Back then, when he was here I always felt there was tomorrow and he would be here today. Back then I was a teen. Now, he is not with us. But one lesson I have learned from all of this is that we must be brave enough to live the best life possible. We can only do this if we understand that TIME is EVERYTHING. It’s the most valuable thing we will possess in our entire lives. We are valuable, that’s why we are here. So, ask yourself what is it that you are doing? Where are you placing value in your life? Ask yourself if you truly respect yourself…do you respect time? If the answer is no. It’s time to make that shift. Your time is running out.



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