World Mastercard Fashion Week Cocktail Collection: The Daria

Ugh! Finally it’s Thursday! I don’t know about you, but I need a serious drink. What a week, what a day…what a life 🙂

Seriously though, no complaints. Life is a beautiful thing. I know, so I say that all the time, it must annoy you. Well, it’s true.

I am so excited for World Mastercard Fashion Week. From March 23rd to March 27th we have an excuse to be extra extra fabulous and sip on a martini midday because WE CAN during such an event. Bring on the bubbles, the fabrics, models and droves of fashion connoisseurs. It’s about to get real serious on the fashion worthy streets of Toronto. We were voted best place in the world to live! It’s true, I love this city.

In case you don’t spot a supermodel you can feel somewhat like one thanks to GREY GOOSE Canada who created four must have cocktails inspired by Canadian supermodels.

First on the runway: Daria Werbowy

Daria is a Ukrainian Canadian supermodel. She is the spokesperson for Lancome. She is also the second Canadian model to have a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. She is fierce, strong, beautiful and an inspiration to many models around the world. You rock Daria!

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2oz GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir
2oz Mango Juice
1 teaspoon caster sugar
1 lime
Top with Club Soda

Cut lime into quarters and place in a large highball glass. Add sugar and muddle to release lime juice. Clap mint leaves in hands and drop in glass. Add ice, GREY GOOSE Vodka and mango juice. Stir ingredients to dissolve sugar. Add more ice and top with soda water. Stir and garnish with mint and mango (optional)

Photo Courtesy of: GREY GOOSE

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