Why Small Lifestyle Changes Can Boost Your Health and Well-being

Many of us are always searching for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. In a new national survey, it has been revealed that only 29% of us accomplished our own healthy living goals and the majority of us are searching for a way to break through to a healthier life by overcoming obstacles such as lack of time and/or motivation. Hearing these stats can feel somewhat demotivating but there are so many little things we can do in our high-speed world that will lead to a healthier lifestyle and reaching our goals.

For the 29% that did manage to reach their healthy living goals they know that incorporating better eating habits is a step in the right direction that can have a big impact overall, with increased energy and a feeling of revitalization from healthier options, we begin to see a domino effect and gain momentum.

An easy option to add into our healthy diet is 100% pomegranate juice, its an excellent source of potassium, which aids in healthy muscle maintenance and if you drink just 250 ml before or after a workout you would get 640mg of it which is the same amount you would get from eating a banana.

Recently I spoke with registered dietician Abby Langer about how we can incorporate small lifestyle changes to create a larger impact on our own health with POM Wonderful. See what she had to say about why healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated and what small change she made in her life that that gave her the biggest reward.


TTIWIK: What are the top three small changes you feel everyone can make in their diet?

First, make more of your own food. When we eat in restaurants and/or get take-out, we’re more likely to eat more in food volume and in calories. Plus, making your own food ensures that you’re in charge of what goes into your meal.

Secondly, eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages. If you’re in the mood for a sweet drink, try POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice in sparkling water for a fizzy drink with a twist. A 250ml serving of POM Wonderful juice provides as much potassium as a whole banana, and has no added sugar, colours, or filler juices.

Thirdly, eat mindfully. Turn off technology while you eat, and don’t eat in the car or when you’re not sitting down. Take the time to sit and enjoy your food – and remember to eat slowly!


TTIWIK: What small change did you make in your life that you saw the biggest reward (result) from?

The change that has meant the most to me has been to realize that I function best on a diet that’s rich in carbohydrate and in vegetables. I also realized that the more sugar I consume, the more weight I gain. So, I cut down – I didn’t cut it out as that would be unsustainable, on the sugary foods I eat. I make sure to eat a carb-rich breakfast, and I eat a huge salad every single day. Those three changes have me feeling and looking my best.


TTIWIK: Do you have any recommended ways to use POM products in recipes? (Smoothies, Juice mixes, anything unexpected):

I love POM juice on its own – in sparkling water and cocktails, and also in cooking. For example, I reduce POM Pomegranate Juice for a delicious sauce for pork roasts, and I love adding it to salad dressings.


TTIWIK: What advice would you give to the person who has tried and failed with resolutions, health goals and now feels unmotivated to try something new?

Try to choose smaller, more incremental goals. You have the luxury of time, so give yourself a break and take as long as you need to achieve your resolutions. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make more than one change at a time; go for sustainability, not immediacy.


TTIWIK: Did you have an “Aha” moment or an event that got you interested in Health/Wellness and your job as a dietician?

When I was in University, I realized that what I eat really does affect how I feel and look. It sounds obvious, but I started to pay more attention to what foods I was consuming, and in what quantity. I also started to focus more on food quality. I never knew about dietetics as a career until a friend mentioned it to me in my last year at school. Right then, I knew that’s what I was meant to do in life!




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Chelsea Montgomery

Chelsea is a Toronto based Life Coach, Corporate Wellness specialist and a contributing Wellness expert. Her coaching business Growing WELLth is driven by the belief that we can all enrich our life through wellness and personal growth. After experiencing her own serious health challenges Chelsea was determined to help others in both their personal and work-life. Chelsea has a history of coaching individuals and teams to reach their fullest potential and thrive. Her insatiable curiosity of life and passion for empowering others through wellness means that she's never tired of what she does. You can often find Chelsea learning about the latest information regarding wellness, on her yoga mat, in meditation or with her Chocolate Shar Pei Mac. Follow her journey: @_chelseamontgomery @che15eam

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