When Your Best Isn’t GOOD ENOUGH

I think this is a question that we will deal with for the rest of our lives. Is it good enough? Are we good enough? Are they good enough? Am I good enough? What I will tell you is that there does come a point, and it is possible, when you are content with your life. I was reminded that this stage in life is possible when I watched an interview Oprah did with Tina Turner where Tina said that she is content with her life and no longer feels that ever wanting urge for something else. She has reached that good enough stage in her life. I am not talking about things being good enough on a basic level. Like is this restaurant good enough? Is my car good enough? No, if you realize it sooner than later, having material things will never ease your good enough questions. You may have a great house, a nice car and the best wardrobe in town but you will still ask yourself: is this good enough? Am I living a life that I am satisfied with?

I have come to the conclusion that we don’t have to spend every day of our lives searching for the “good enough” feeling. We also don’t have to reach age 70 to feel content. Let’s face it life is long and also short. It’s sad to think that we may never feel happy with our lives. It’s sad knowing that we may never feel like everything that’s happening in our lives is good enough.

So I am on a mission. Rather than assume that things will be good enough when I accomplish all the things on my list of life goals. I am determined to make every moment count. Make every moment on this beautiful planet a day that is good enough. It’s your choice; it’s that simple. You can look at everything you have accomplished thus far and say yes I am here in this moment and it’s good enough. That doesn’t mean you have to stop working to improve yourself or work hard to reach new dreams. It just means that appreciating what is happening in the now will allow you to appreciate what happens next. It will also help you deal with things better when they don’t turn out the way you imagined they would. So what, it looks a little different but just know you can have most of the things you want in life, it just may look a lot different from what you expected. But it’s happening so say thank you.

I am sure you can agree it’s very exhausting always feeling like you have to chase that “good enough” ideal. Whether it’s one you crafted yourself or it’s influenced by others…you have to admit it get’s a little tiring; no exhausting! I bet if you wrote a list, highlighting what you think is great about your life. You will realize how far you have come and how strong you truly are. One thing you will notice that through all the triumphs and victories you never felt good enough. You always felt that there was more. That one moment of euphoria is not as great as that next moment you hope will be your good enough; a place where you can stop and rest. Well, let’s call this inertia..things like to do what they are already doing. Even if you get to the next stop, due to habit, you will again question: is this good enough. I am not saying you should settle; absolutely NOT!

But I think you should take a moment and realize that you, YES you, are GOOD ENOUGH. That you are worthy of that new job promotion, that you are worthy of that great partner you now happily spend your life with and that dream home you now live in (although not perfect) is good enough. Eventually, you have to stop running in circles because when the time is gone, you WILL never get it back. Don’t be the person who looks back on their life and says “the things wish I knew back then was when good/great” was more than enough”.

I also think it’s important to spend your time with good people. People who value you and what you bring to the table. Never spend your time with someone who treats you like you aren’t good enough. But I have a secret I want to share with you: people who treat others this way suffer from the same issue you do. What is it? They don’t think they are good enough either, hence why they act the way they do. All you can do is wish them well and walk away. Besides, you will be too busy because you are on a mission to rid yourself of low self-worth. You are ready to appreciate the simple things coupled with many grand things you will experience in your life. Find like-minded people who get it and are on the same wavelength; people who know good enough is a present feeling and something that is tangible in the here and now.

Forget the compare yourself to your neighbour game, everyone has their problems and even the ‘perfect picture’ has its issues. Nothing will ever be perfect. Work hard, do something you love, know you are good enough and remember to be kind. Not just to others but mostly to yourself.

So when will you know it’s good enough? You woke up this morning you, it’s a new day. Start here, this is a great start to good enough. Why? Because you are still here and so many great moments are possible; just like the ones you will have today. Remember outside forces/mysterious powers cannot design ‘good enough’; only you can do this.


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