What’s On The Menu: Nova Scotia Lobster Burger at The Carbon Bar Toronto

Since I spent a few of my formative years in Nova Scotia I have a deep love for anything that reminds of that time. Nova Scotia lobster to me is golden Canadian comfort food. Yes, I know Canadians love their poutine, maple syrup and bacon, but we also love seafood, particularly lobster. When I heard that The Carbon Bar located in Toronto’s east-end had a must-try Nova Scotia lobster burger with gourmet pit-smoked bacon, truffled hollandaise, beef steak tomato and Old Bay mayo created by Chef Hidde I knew I had to venture to that part of the city to give it a try.

To be honest, it’s pretty easy to get a lobster burger wrong. Something as delicate and simple as lobster can turn into a disaster if you mix it with the wrong elements. Fortunately, The Carbon Bar got it right with their Nova Scotia lobster burger. It’s light and meaty without unnecessary fillers. I immediately noticed the soft and airy quality of the bun which is a nice compliment to this panko crusted lobster burger. This meal is not as overwhelmingly heavy as one would expect. This burger paired well with lightly salted fries accompanied with a slightly citrus aioli.

During the month of September when you order a Nova Scotia lobster burger you will also receive a pint of Alexander Keith’s beer. Guess what? You get all of this goodness for only for $20.00 (taxes applicable)**.  It’s important to pair beer with the right dish when dining out. You will remember I featured beer pairing not so long ago. You can find out more here. Alexander Keith’s beer compliments this dish quite well. If you’re in the east-end or visiting Toronto for the first time or want to get a little taste of some Canadian comfort food, stop by The Carbon bar.



 **This promotion is only available with the purchase of Alexander Keith’s beer.


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