We need to Communicate

We need to learn how to engage with one another; we need to communicate. Look people in the eye and say hello and goodbye. We have forgotten how to communicate which is why we lack the ability to sincerely and wholeheartedly connect. As ‘smart’ as we think our phone is, these highly cherished devices have stifled us in ways that to be honest seem to be beyond repair. Perhaps, it’s not fair to blame technology, the aim and goal were to better connect people who wanted to connect with those not close to them. To communicate their feelings, their stories, their lives; to keep each other close. Yet, why are we drifting further and further apart? Why?

I remember when my friends and I used to send each other letters. Although, we could still talk on the phone for hours. It was always nice to get a letter. It was also nice to connect in a way that required one to express their heart and thoughts with pen and paper. I still send Christmas cards. It’s the one thing I still like to do. It takes a little bit of time but it’s a nice way to let those who I haven’t spoken to in a long time know I am thinking of them.


We’re Lost In Translation 

Why is it in a room full of people we look at our phones? Why can’t we call instead of text?! At times I feel it would be easier to say what has to be said with one quick conversation. I also feel that so much goes unsaid and all the meaningful things never make it to the surface. We don’t remember the sound of someone’s voice anymore. We can’t tell the difference between a painful goodbye and a heartfelt hello. If you really think about it. The lines in between are never filled in. We are constantly lost in translation; trying to make sense of simple words. How many times have you read a text over and over? Trying to make sense of it. What did they mean by this? Is this good? Or is it bad? And for God’s sake…why don’t we want to see, feel and touch each other’s faces. How have we allowed ourselves to get so far away from an essential need?

Our ability to communicate and connect is diminishing day by day. Or I should say, our ability to FEEL what it really feels like to connect is slipping away. We hide behind our phones, it’s our barrier, our shield that conceals what we don’t like about ourselves and the threat we feel others may pose to our person. As a result, when we are confronted with situations that may feel uncomfortable we pick up our phones and pretend there is something better going on in the palms of our hands as we scroll through looking for someone to say “Hi” to. We would rather be anywhere than here and now and this place that exists at the tips of our fingers is far better. Yet, we wonder why love is complicated. Why friendships lack loyalty and why there are so many lonely souls in a room full of people.


What We Need – To Connect – To Communicate 

There are many things we need in life. I will tell you one thing we mustn’t neglect is our need to connect beyond the surface level with each other. Once, we do this we will no longer feel miles away from each other or enter new circumstances with suspicion and doubt. Instead, we will connect with openness, compassion, and understanding. Sounds, a little hippie I know, but you get what I mean. Nobody talks anymore. Nobody holds sincere conversations anymore. Ask yourself when was the last time you really got to know someone? How well do you know your significant other? No seriously…how well?! I hope we see what’s going on sooner than later. When I see little kids on IPads (no offense to Apple…I am using an Apple device right now to write this) and I think to myself oh no, we are starting them young. Why bother making new friends when you have your fancy device that entertains you? Why should you make an effort to make real friends when your new virtual friend is just a few clicks away?


We Need Real Connections

Simple face to face conversation has become awkward because we only know how to communicate through our phones. LOL doesn’t sound so good in person…now does it? You actually have to laugh in real-time. Your emotions can’t just be felt through words on a screen. They need to be to felt. Real tears people, real hugs, REAL feelings. I know it’s scary and vulnerable, but it’s a better way to live. I am not telling you how to live, I am telling you that you can’t hide behind your phone. You’re hurting yourself. You’re missing out on something that your phone will never be able to give you – REAL CONNECTIONS.

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