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Good news! I decided to add a new section dedicated to Green Beauty. As you know, I try to feature many brands that celebrate being green, brands that contain natural/organic or green products as well as brands that pride themselves on being sustainable. Does this mean I will never feature some popular brands that may not fit this ideal, no. But on the GREEN LUXE section, you will only see all things GREEN, ORGANIC and NATURAL. I think it’s important to have choices and if you have super sensitive skin or just simply prefer products and brands that are beneficial for you not just in terms of ingredients but also their environmental footprint this is the place to go when you stop by. VANITY isn’t terrible when it’s green right?!

A lot of people ask me what I use on my skin. My beauty cabinet is filled with I would say 20+ natural skincare products. This includes essential oils, serums, lotions, masques, tonics and ointments. I want to have a place for you to go to so you can discover great natural alternatives and also get a peek inside my beauty regimen and cabinet. So many secrets will be given away here.

Guess what gents? I have you covered as well. There are so many great natural products for men but also keep in mind beauty isn’t always gender specific and what works for her can also work for him particularly with regard to natural skincare products.



You’ve decided to add more green luxe to your life, but don’t know where to start. Trying to figure out the beauty section at a health store can be daunting for a newbie. What should you look for? In most cases, if you go to a reputable health store, they will do their best to follow the appropriate guidelines and only carry products that sit within them. You still have to know your stuff and although it may say ‘natural’ you still have to be diligent. What works for some may not work for you. It’s all trial and error but trust the process.


  • Certification from a reliable source. In most cases, you will find this on the product or their website. In the US for something to be certified natural (USDA certified), 95% to 100% of the ingredients must be natural and the remaining 5% is normally the preservatives that ensure freshness and a longer shelf life. This also applies in Canada, for a certified organic labeled product it must have 95% and those this percentage below must be labeled ‘made with’.
  • In Europe, natural products must be BDIH certified: all plant-based ingredients must be high-quality, contain no synthetic colors, silicones, paraffin, no petroleum or fragrances.
  • No ingredients that pose a health risk
  • No testing on animals
  • Packing must meet environmental standards
  • You will notice that with high-quality natural products, one’s that are 100% will come in smaller bottles or containers since they will have a shorter shelf life, something to expect with organic beauty.
  • If it’s a little too cheap (unless it’s a promotion or sale) you should question this and do some research on the brand. Natural/green/organic products tend to cost more than what you find on your local drugstore shelf due to the way they are processed and packaged. Unfortunately, the natural good stuff isn’t as cheap as one would expect and it takes time to harvest and source natural ingredients.
  • What’s the difference between organic, natural and green? Is it all the same thing? No. Organic products contain zero synthetic ingredients this includes no pesticides, fertilizers or lab-made ingredients. Be sure to see if it states it’s completely organic or made with organic which only requires a 70% or higher ratio of organic ingredients (please see above for USDA Organic Certification Standards). To be deemed Natural it is derived from land or sea – 95% of the ingredients are from renewable fauna, flora & mineral sources. The remaining 5% may be synthetic but must be safe for you and the planet, this also includes their packaging. Keep in mind some natural products may contain things that aren’t so good so read the label to see what preservatives are used. Just because the label says “natural” it doesn’t mean that it’s considered an organic product.  Green is a product that uses environmentally conscious and sustainable packaging and processing. They must be chemical free (no known toxins) and contain organic ingredients but this doesn’t mean they have to be plant-based.


  • Fragrance –  unnatural and synthetic smells added. This doesn’t include natural occurring smells that many plants and herbs have.
  • sulfates, parabens, BPA’s BPS, Phthalates – known hormone disruptors
  • carcinogens – formaldehyde, PEG’s
  • Triclosan ( in a lot of hand sanitizers, go for one that’s alcohol based) & Triclocarban
  • Vitamin A derivatives
  • Male hormone disruptors BHT – butylated hyrdroxyanisolbute & BHA – butylated hydroxytoluene

Don’t worry if you can’t remember everything, there’s time to learn as much as possible. When you find a product you want, try to do some research. Keep checking back, I will have more information for you, this includes tips from green beauty experts.

I think when it comes to skincare and beauty, at least try to have what I call natural base products. What are natural base products? Products you use every day.

Lotions/creams/eye creams


Face wash



Products that you use on your skin before anything else. I think this is a good start since it will be a bit of an investment. Then you can slowly add make-up one item at a time. Maybe foundation, concealer, mascara, lipgloss and bronzer…depending your routine. I understand that it’s expensive so I think you should have a strategy and give yourself let’s say six months to go completely green.

See you soon for more green beauty!


For now here is a product I am currently loving!

tata harper concentrated brightening serum
Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum – $321.99 CAD (230.00 USD)


I just got into Tata Harper a few months ago. Here is one of the products you will love. No one wants dull looking skin during the winter. It’s great for evening out skin tone (blemishes, scars, hyperpigmentation). It’s one of those serums that makes you glow, I am all about glowing skin! I can’t forget to mention that it’s 100% natural!

If you are wondering why I have so many products, I use products based on what’s happening with my skin. In addition, certain products can’t be used daily or work better in the morning or night, or winter or summer. It’s important to understand your skin code. Something we will get into soon! I also make my own oil blends as well, I will share a few with you soon.






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