Thompson Nashville Has Good Jeans

Have you ever wanted to pack your bags and hop on a plane to Nashville in your best pair of jeans? There’s no need for frills when in Nashville. All you need is a good pair of boots, good jeans (shorts included) and a crisp white tank. I know it sounds pretty cliche, but let me tell you something it’s alright.

Thompson Nashville wants you to Have Good Jeans. I want you to Have Good Jeans. There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans. Your best pair has the best stories…don’t they? In the fall of 2016, the Thompson Hotel opened their Nashville location in the Gulch, an up-and-coming area that houses old warehouses now converted into trendy retail stores and restaurants. The Gulch is also known for its railroad yard.

At the Thompson Nashville, you will still get the luxe boutique experience that their known for while still feeling the heart and soul of this magnetic musical city. You will notice the amazing art by local artists that adorns the walls. You can also make your way to the full library of vinyl records located in the lobby contributed by Third Man Records. If you’re in love with vinyl as much as I am you will be happy to know that you can purchase vinyl records from the hotel’s mini bar. When dreams become reality!


Thompson Nashville Vinyl Library
Thompson Nashville Vinyl Library


Need Demin?  imogene + willie has got you covered.

I have thought about getting a pair of custom jeans made. It’s something that comes to mind every time I purchase a new pair of jeans. They’re either too long or just not right. When I find the perfect pair, I buy a few because why not?! Once it works, it works. Imogene + willie want those jeans to work for you. So much so, that they will come to you during your stay for a personalized style consultation and in-room fitting with one of their denim specialists. Your fabulous custom pair of premium denim made by imogene + willie will also include an authentification stamp –  imogene + willie x Thompson Nashville. 


imogene + willie x Thompson Nashville
imogene + willie x Thompson Nashville


The imogene + willie experience details:

  • Book the “Thompson Nashville Has Good Jeans” package when booking your reservation.
  • A stylist from imogene + willie will contact you to discuss your personal style and schedule your in-room fitting.
  • You will get a confirmation from an imogene + willie stylist once you have checked into your room.
  • When the fitting is complete, your denim will be taken back to the imogene + willie store to be tailored. When ready your perfect custom pair of jeans will be delivered back to you at the hotel or your final destination.

I know what you’re thinking…how much does this cost? The Thompson Has Good Jean’s experience costs $250.00. If you love designer jeans, chances are you are spending this if not more and this doesn’t include alterations! You’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

If you like premium denim, then you will love imogene + willie, a brand that makes jeans for “the lovers of denim”. At their flagship store, in the old Granny White Service Station, they offer men’s and women’s denim in different fits and washes.


Thompson Nashville and Imogene + Willie


Let’s raise a glass to Thompson Nashville and imogene + willie for making our denim dreams comes true!


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