The Things You Should Know: Diva Cups Are Sexy

Think about Diva Cups. They don’t rob your body of all the precious fluids that make your vagina an incredible little eco-system of love. They won’t cause cancer or infertility like tampons do and they are not bad for the environment. This video tells you how it works and why I use one. Because happy vaginas make a happy world.

Photo Courtesty of: The Things I Wish I Knew & The Diva Cup

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Anna Von Frances

Anna Von Frances is a yogi and a traveller. She travels the world looking for all the off-beat places and the most far-out experiences. Having lived in Canada, Europe and the States, she spends most of her time in Latin America teaching and learning about what it means to be a loving human being. She's most passionate about the environment and the study of LOVE. She can howl at the moon with the best of them. Follow Anna on instagram @FullPowerYoga

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