The Things You Should Know: Diva Cups Are Sexy

Think about Diva Cups. They don’t rob your body of all the precious fluids that make your vagina an incredible little eco-system of love. They won’t cause cancer or infertility like tampons do and they are not bad for the environment. This video tells you how it works and why I use one. Because happy vaginas make a happy world.

Photo Courtesty of: The Things I Wish I Knew & The Diva Cup

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Anna Von Frances

Anna Von Frances is a traveling single mom and yogi. She likes yoga, rap music, and jokes. She's most passionate about the environment and the study of LOVE. She can howl at the moon with the best of them. Follow her adventures with her daughter, Luna, here: @Full Power Yoga YouTube keep up with the daily single mom struggle here: @annavonfrances Full Power Yoga

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