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Since it’s been looking a little gray in Toronto lately, I thought I would add some brightness into your day with a look at 4 of the most beautiful places to visit. Places I definitely want to see! There are so many great travel destinations that often get overlooked. Lately, I am all about travel and experiencing new cultures, people, spaces and places. Travelling allows you to see that there’s a big world out there and that there isn’t only one way of being. You can learn so much while traveling, it’s one of the best classrooms you will ever be a part of. Let’s get lost in a wanderlust adventure, your next destination awaits.

For my single friends, remember you don’t have to be coupled to enjoy these places. I know a lot of people who have traveled or travel alone and they will tell you that they had an amazing time and also made a lot of new friends from around the world. If you want to start traveling and nothing is holding you back, I say get your passport ready and don’t forget to send me a few pictures of your adventures!


For the beach lover, this place is an absolute must! Seychelles located in the Indian Ocean on the mainland of East Africa is one of the best tropical vacations. It’s white sand beaches and turquoise aquamarine hued waters create a magical oasis so blissful I don’t blame anyone for never wanting to leave. One of the things I love about Seychelles is that this island is regarded as a world leader in sustainable development and tourism. We want to make sure we protect these beautiful places and the animals that live there. I am not sure about you but swimming with the sea turtles sounds like a good idea any day. You can also go for a hike through Morne Seychellois National Park and get in touch with nature again; it will take your breath away.


Where To Stay

Six Senses Zil Pasyon is a luxe hotel but at the same time, you don’t have to break the bank to stay here. It’s the right amount of luxurious leisure that you may look for but also offers an array of activities. Whether it’s early morning yoga, outdoor movie night or snorkeling this resort will satisfy your needs when you visit.

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Positano, Italy

I haven’t been to Italy yet but it’s on the list. There are a few great places to see in Italy and I will mention them at some point. Positano, located on Italy’s southern Amalfi coast is a colorful enchanting vertical mountain village. Some say it’s what Mediterranean dreams are made of. The primary coloured buildings neatly stacked create a colorful architectural decoupage. It has been said that a trip to Positano is one you will never forget. Other than the fact that it’s simply a romantic destination (for the lover of love in you) it’s a village known for its beaches, fresh seafood and a place where you can get a pair of the best custom made sandals to measure. If you want to dine on delicious seafood take a sea taxi to Da Adolfo restaurant. I would say this is for the traveler to who wants to unwind and escape from their busy lives. In Positano enjoying the day, one moment at a time is what it’s all about. If you plan to visit Positano, considering going in May or June it is low/mid season; fewer tourists. In addition, July and August are apparently super hot!


positano italy


Where To Stay

Casa Buonocore is a family owned villa, otherwise known as the “tiny white house”. A hidden intimate six-room guest house that feels like a home away from. There’s a lot of love in every detail. There’s a lingering aromatic scent of orange blossom from oranges growing in the garden, a scent that alleviates stress and will help you forget your worries instantly. If you love decor and comfort and family, you will simply love this place. It’s a hidden gem you don’t want to share, but of course, we must because something like this isn’t always easy to find. It’s luxe yet simple at the same time.

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P.s. It’s a bed & breakfast, I hear the food is delicious!



Alila Ubud Bali, Indonesia

When you just want to relax, that is all friends, I suggest you take a trip to Bali. There are many places to get in touch with your inner shining light and Bali is one of those places. I have talked about finding your zen, well find your zen while traveling as well. Bali located in Indonesia is an island that’s known to burgeon a spiritual awakening. While there you will be instantly moved by large forested volcanic mountains, coral reefs and it’s white sand beaches. It’s a place where nature and finding serenity within is just at arm’s length due to its spiritual culture. What to do when in Bali? Take a yoga class, visit one of the temples, take a cooking class or sign up for a meditation retreat. Visit the Pura Luhur Ulu Watu Temple, the many museums or venture to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.


Bali rice fields

Where To Stay

There are quite a few places I would stay in Bali, Alila Ubud is one of them. Some say it’s in Ubud where you will experience “the real magic of Bali”. You are literally just steps away from temples, museums, art galleries and festivals. This hotel is nestled in between breathtaking hills and valleys. Imagine waking up to views like this? Let’s pack our bags and go as soon as possible! This hotel offers master cooking classes where you get to pick up ingredients from the local markets with the chef and cook in their outdoor kitchen that’s next to their Organic Garden. I would definitely visit the holy water springs of Tirta that many people visit to purify themselves. It’s said that the water possesses magical powers that heal.



Oia, Santorini, Greece

Santorini pretty much tops everyone’s list of places to see. If not for the picturesque hilltop royal blue and white buildings or all the Greek food you can eat, it’s simply because this old historic island’s charm reminds you that life is full of magic. We often forget that you don’t have to have a lot but enough to experience the joie in life, well in Santorini you are reminded of this. Luxury is luxe but its quality and it’s simple. There are no frills to create beauty because the beauty already exists here; it just is. So when you visit Oia, Santorini, 200km southeast from Greece’s mainland, prepare to get swept away by what you will experience. It’s volcanic sand beaches and it’s unbelievable views has been a draw to over a million tourists annually. Go wine tasting and sample wine made from an indigenous grape called assyrtiko or take a voyage off the island and tour the neighboring volcanic islands. How does a night at the outdoor cinema sound to you? I try to avoid peak season so I would go either in the fall or spring/early summer.



Where To Stay

Canaves Oia Santorini, located on the northwest tip of Santorini is a chic modern resort where suites have their own pool. It’s located in a 17th-century Canaves (cave) that have been carved into the cliffside. Here, the best sunset views can be enjoyed. Practice yoga with views of the Aegean Caldera, spend a day sailing, visiting boutiques or pamper yourself at the spa. A great place for the lovers or for those who love good weather, good food, good people and the wonderment of nature.

Canaves views

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I hope you enjoyed our top 4, of course, there are many more places and we will feature them. You could literally enjoy all of the above places alone…although having someone to share the experience with you would be great. Yes, we love to spend our money on things, but seriously don’t forget that money well spent will always be the experiences in life.



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