The Things ‘I Wish’ About Growing Up

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates


Despite Socrate’s existentialist view, there are a few things I wish I knew growing up. Kids growing up today forget how little knowledge my generation had access to. Luckily my parents could afford that maroon set of encyclopedia Brittanica. Without that I probably wouldn’t have known what a vagina was. Yes, I admit I probably spent a bit too much time studying that specific entry, in between trying to decipher images on scrambled movie-network showing a soft-porn movie. ‘Oh those were the days…’ (If you picked up on that reference, then you, too, probably wrestled with a scrambled channel or two).


I Wish
I wish I knew how precious it was to ‘go play’ after supper.
I wish I talked to my grandparents more.
I wish I didn’t stress over any relationship before the age of 30.
I wish I knew that heartbreak was a necessary experience.
I wish I never had feathered back hair, parted in the middle.
I wish I knew how to dress like it wasn’t the 80’s.
I wish I made out with that ‘chick’ in grade 7.
I wish I knew what a stoner was before I was 15 (would have been less embarrassing).
I wish I didn’t cram for university exams (quite) as much.
I wish I didn’t make myself sick stressing over university exams.
I wish I knew that life wasn’t all about winning.
I wish I treated my sister better and was easier on my brother.
I wish I wasn’t so self-conscious about my stuttering.
I wish I didn’t feel beneath anybody else.
I wish I allowed myself to explore my passions.
I wish I didn’t worry about my RRSPs when I was 16.
I wish I learned how to love without a chip on my shoulder.
I wish I wasn’t so concerned with what other people had.
I wish I knew that failure was necessary for growth.
I wish I appreciated every ‘healthy’ breath I took.
… but at the same time, I don’t wish things were any different.


These aren’t regrets. They made me who I am today. But sometimes I wish…


Image courtesy: Matteo Paganelli 

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