The Skinny On Yoga For Vaginas

I’m a yoga teacher with a lot of non-yogi friends. Which means, I get all the beginner questions and the straight talk. Here’s the most frequent scenario: a friend will become blessed with child, get half way through her pregnancy then read some article online or hear from a friend in her pre-natal classes about how children ruin vaginas. That whole joke about the banana in the hallway starts to terrify them.

Well have no fear ladies, I’m here to show you just how yoga will give you a young, tight, beautiful vagina for life.

First, let me warn the reader that yoga is NOT an aerobics exercise, it is NOT a physical practice so you can get a nicer butt. The process of tightening your vagina through yoga practice will have the added benefits of calming anxiety, helping build life force (prana) through breath and holds as well as meditation (the key to being a decent human being) and hopefully you’ll enter the world of yoga worship through the protection of a tight vagina. That’s my hope at least.

Bandhas. The locks in Ashtanga yoga practice are called, Bandhas. There are three in total, and when they are done together, they’re called, “Maha Bandha”. The root lock, or Mula Bandha is the one you’re focusing on for this exercise.

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Sit with your legs crossed. In lotus if you can, otherwise in easy pose with your legs crossed in a way that is comfortable for you, where your root rests on the ground and your back is straight. Place your hands on your knees. Breathe in through your nose and pull up on the pelvic floor and hold. Release your breath slowly through your nose and slowly release the “grip” or hold. It’s really important to spend as much time on the release or drop of the hold as the pulling up, or clenching feeling. Do three rounds of this holding for up to ten seconds, with a 15 second break between.

If you have difficulties figuring out if you are holding properly, insert your finger into your vagina and grip it using your internal muscles and then try the same by pressing on your perineum (the dimple between your vagina and anus) and feeling the muscles pull up against your finger.

Practicing this before birthing and after will hep you keep a tight vagina, but more importantly, you’ll get connected to your vagina in an internal way, in an explorative way; worship that space as much as you can in the practice-stay focused on your vagina. She is the gateway to the universal flow of life. It’s a very sacred space you are working with. Enjoy it!



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