The Benefits Of Adding Feng Shui To Your Life

I am all about continual self-growth. I think it’s something you should make a priority in your life. We always talk about ‘spring cleaning’ or ‘purging our closets’ but we never talk about cleaning out your life. Getting rid of the things, situations or people that no longer serve you. You can’t expect to have a good life if you are negative and you can’t expect one if keep company that’s negative as well. It’s time to start cleaning. Not only will you clean out your closet, this is essential. Not only will you declutter your home, you will declutter your entire life. If you believe that life is all about energy, think about the things in your life that you have hindered a positive energy force to flow.

If you believe that life is all about energy, think about the things in your life that diminish your energy. Think about your current environment, is there too much stuff in it? Are you holding on to items that hold on to negative memories? What are your friends like? This is an important question. If the laws of physics are true, that birds of a feather flock together and thus imitate each other’s behavior particularly during migration. Then how does this apply to you and your friendships? Is it time to let go of some friendships and make room for new positive ones? The answer is most likely yes unless you are already actively cleaning out your life and adding more “chi” to it.


The Company You Keep

Erykah Badu has a lyric in a song where she sings “I pick my friends like I pick my fruit, my nanny taught me that when I was only a youth”. Just as carefully as you select your produce, you should also analyze friends this way. You don’t want to eat rotten fruit, it will make you sick. Just like fruit, the people around you, all energy fields, are emitting what they carry with them. If it’s rotten and toxic at some point this will transfer onto you. You will either take on their energy field or find yourself operating at a low vibration when you are around them or as a result of being friends with them. If adding feng shui to your life is your goal, you will have to clear out some of these low vibration relationships so you can make new ones. Sometimes, well often times, we attract what you are around. It doesn’t matter how positive you think you are if the people around you are contradictory to this ideal, way of being.

Make New Friends

Imagine your life let’s say, a year from now, how do you imagine it to be. I imagine you are hoping to be healthy and well? Happy. Apply this exercise to friendship, imagine the types of friends you want. Yes, its’s true you can also manifest good friendships and relationships into your life! According to feng shui hang up images of people with friends; positives images. This can also be you and a few of your like-minded friends. Be sure not to include individuals who you are trying to move away from. Remember, it’s all about energy.

The colour red or images of birds such as the Phoenix are said to attract these new like-minded high vibration friends you seek. A Himalayan salt lamp or a lava lamp, for instance, placed in the southwest corner also help you attract new friendships.


Make Room – Declutter

It’s time to get rid of things. We can start with your closet. I am sure there are items in there that you haven’t even looked at in year nor will you anytime soon. Make a yes pile and no pile. If the clothing is in good condition, gently worn then be sure to donate it to your local shelter. You have to do this process very quickly because the longer you hold onto certain items you will convince yourself that you need it. Look at it if the first thing that comes to mind is no or that you never wear it, put it in the no pile. You know the difference between clothing items that are pieces you keep ( bags and coats) and a tank top your wore once. If any item has a negative memory let it go. Opening your closet and looking at things that remind you of a bad time in your life aren’t worth keeping. Let go.

If you can’t fit anything in your closet(s) (my current problem) then don’t buy a single new item until you purge. Closets are a metaphor of our lives and in some way represent our behaviour which is holding on to old things while trying to push other things in. Remember, energy must flow freely and not with force. I had a spiritual guide tell me that I shouldn’t look elsewhere and just shop in my own closet. Sometimes what you seek is already in front of you. I have taken this advice and applied it.

Once you have tackled your closets, does your room, your house need decluttering? What does your garage look like?  The garage is everyone’s favourite place to store the things they remove from their house with the ‘just in case mentality’. Just in case nothing!  If it’s not photos or family heirlooms and mementos, just old clothing or shoes, you should donate them. You definitely will never wear them again.

Move things around, look at the where you place things in your home. Make sure your doorway isn’t cluttered. Make sure corners in your home aren’t stacked with clutter. No dead plants, you want to bring new life into your space and into your life. Add light where it’s needed to brighten up dull and dark spaces.


Keeping Growing

Growth requires change. Work towards the change you seek. Having a well-balanced positive life (that doesn’t mean everything will be perfect) has a lot to do with you, particularly in your adult years. It’s the choices you make that will determine what kind of energy force you will live with. Say goodbye, unburden yourself from anything that leaves you stuck in toxic energy fields. Allow the light to enter and let it do its work; magic.

Bring life into your space and add light wherever it is dark. Don’t just clean your home, clean your life let go of friends or lovers with non-conducive energies so you can allow the new ones to enter. You are on your way to your best life. Remember, you are more than worth it. Don’t forget to also shine a light on others as well. Even if they don’t share they same life goals as you please always be kind (even if it’s from afar).

I can’t wait for you to experience your best life!


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