The Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

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I know I know I haven’t posted a book review in a while. The truth is, I haven’t really had time to dive into a book. I have been so busy and the books I am currently reading are business books that I am going through very slowly. I also realised I needed to take some serious R n R time, which meant simply do nothing; just Netflix and chill. My brain sort of needed it. Running your own business is a lot of work and also very overwhelming at times. I would say on average I will work over 14 hour days and even work right through the weekend. It’s definitely a labour of love but you can easily get worn down if you don’t take care of yourself. It’s important to stay balanced.

One of the things I like to do is paint. Another great stress relieving activity I got back into is colouring. Remember when you were young and you would colour for hours? Well, I love nothing more than to get lost in a canvas and colouring books allow me to do this with less mess and clean up. Another bonus, I can take my colouring books anywhere and everywhere I go. Nothing to do tonight? Pick up a colouring book and good bottle of vino. Add sliced pears and organic dark chocolate to snack on. Believe it or not, it’s a great night. I may consider having a colouring party with some friends soon. It’s so cold and most people want to hide indoors anyway. It’s amazing how much fun you have with some coloured pencils and a colouring book. The Adult Coloring Book, pretty much does what it says, relieves stress. Seriously, if you just want to get lost for a moment or decompress after a long day, consider colouring. Turn off your phone an hour before bed and colour instead.


Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs


My must have adult pencils:

Derwent Inktense Pencils

I love these pencils because they are watercolour pencils. You can really play with them and create nice depth and layers of intensity. Pretty fancy colouring isn’t it?!  You may also want to get a quality fine tip paint brush as well (what I use). There are several techniques you can use. If you decide to explore your water-colouring abilities make sure you let it dry after each application to prevent the colour from bleeding. In addition, you will have to remove the page from your colouring book if you are using this method to prevent any leakage onto other pages since you are using moisture after all.  Once dry you can add layers of intensity. These are wet or dry pencils so you don’t have to bother with water at all. You will notice they have an inky feel and look. Easiest technique for those wanting to try and explore with watercolours is to colour the area you want and then dip your paint brush in a bit of water, tap off excess water, then go over areas you would like from lightest to dark. Be sure to clean your brush when transitioning from colour to colour.


Derwent Inktense Pencils, 4mm Core, Metal Tin, 72 Count (2301843)



Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil

So enough with the fussy fancy pencils. Here are easy to use high-quality pencils. You don’t need water or anything extra, just you and your imagination. So get busy colouring. These are soft lead pencils, as a result blending and shading is easy (not that you will be doing that I assume you just want to colour). You can get them in a set of 132 colours, so pretty much all you need. Travel with them, take them with you anywhere, they are my favourite.


Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil, Set of 132 Assorted Colors (4484)


You can use whatever pencils you would like, but I suggest purchasing some really good ones. Besides, it’s fun going to the art store. Since time is a factor for many, you can shop online if you’re too busy. You’re officially in the big leagues of colouring now. There’s a lot of detail in the adult world of colouring; so it’s not surprising that an ordinary colouring pencil will not longer make the cut.

Little Tip: Remember to get a pencil sharpener. You will need it.


**previously posted Jan 2016.

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