Taste of Toronto with Piano Piano’s Victor Barry

It’s that time of year again, yes it’s summer and it’s Taste of Toronto! This is one of my favourite events to attend during the summer. It’s seriously a good time and you get to try delicious eats. At Taste of Toronto will sample food from some of Toronto’s best restaurants. You will also get to meet an all-star line up of chefs who will be there to answer your foodie questions while you sample food from their restaurants. To find out more details click here.

I thought I would feature one of the chefs at this years Taste. I am sure you are familiar with Canadian chef Victory Barry, if you have ever been to Splendido. Well, you will be happy to know that Barry has brought something new on the food scene, a new restaurant called Piano Piano.

At Piano Piano you will feel at home with their family-style inspired atmosphere. With traditional Italian eats that remind you of something Nonna would make, it’s no surprise that Piano Piano has become a cherished destination. Oh by the way Piano Piano translated in english means “slowly slowly we go further”.  This name embodies Barry’s belief that food should be enjoyed slowly with family and friends.

I recently sat down with Barry to find out what Piano Piano means to him. I also wanted to know what inspires him, hopefully you will get inspired too! Barry is an example of someone going after their dreams and making it happen.


TTIWIK: What inspires you most when it comes to traditional Italian cuisine? You say you have a desire to make people feel like home when they come into your restaurant…How does Piano Piano achieve this goal?

I continue to be inspired by my family. They keep me grounded and full of life every day. I’m inspired by the changing of seasons, always looking forward to the next available product at its peak. It really makes my job that much easier; although winter is a bit tough.

Piano Piano is like my second home, so it’s only fitting that I create dishes that have the warmth and soul of a home-cooked meal.

It’s a deep-seated soulfulness and sensuality that is at once warm, welcoming and just plain fun. The Italian restaurant you always wished was just around the corner is delighted to meet you.


TTIWIK: What experience do you want people to leave with after dinning at Piano Piano?

I’d like for guests to leave feeling as though they’ve just had a family meal. I’m excited to meet food lovers at Taste of Toronto because I get the opportunity to see people enjoying the dishes and interact with them as if we were eating together.


We talk about life lessons a lot on The Things I Wish I Knew…

TTIWIK: What is something you wish you knew, let’s say 5 years ago that you know now (with regard to career path)?

From working under Chef David Lee at Splendido, then owning the restaurant four years later, and now onto a new chapter with Piano Piano, I’ve learned to grow with the city and move forward to fresh endeavors when the time is right.


TTIWIK: Does this inspire you? (the above explanation)

I think the culinary scene in Toronto has grown exponentially in the last five to ten years. We really are lucky to have wonderful food available in every ethnicity, and I’m inspired by it every day.


TTIWIK: What’s your favourite must-have dish at Piano Piano and Why?

Everything will be simple, delicious food. I’ll be dishing Smoked True North Salmon with capers, caraway, pickled onion, toast and crème fraiche (which will be featured on our future Brunch Menu); alongside PEI Oysters and Veal Parmesan “Sangouche”. However, I highly recommend our Egg Yolk Raviolo with spinach, Woolwich fresh goat cheese puree and black truffles – it’s a classic dish that has been on many of menus over the years.


I hope you enjoy Taste of Toronto as much as I will. Come on…Let’s eat!


The above image is a preview of what Piano Piano will have available for tasting! (Image by Renée Suen)

 Smoked salmon with caper caraway, pickled onions and crème fraȋche on toast. 




250 Fort York Boulevard
Toronto, ON
M5V 3K9

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