Sex and the City Myths & Lessons: Single Celebrations

Apparently yesterday was national singles day. In fact, if you look it up, you will see that there are different days or months around the globe for singles’ to celebrate their single status. It’s Christmas before Christmas or Christmas after Christmas for singles where you go out spoil and pamper yourself and celebrate with your fellow singles. Who Knew? As you know I have been talking about life lessons via our favourite girl Carrie Bradshaw. I am sure she would love this holiday. One could say, Carrie was constantly celebrating and she had a closet of gifts for herself to prove this.

So what exactly is national singles’ day?

China’s national singles’ day was created by Alibaba, (remember I talked about founder Jack Ma). As you know Alibaba is an e-commerce mega store, if you will, where you can purchase goods. This holiday is exclusively for single people, meaning it’s not complicated; your SINGLE, not married, just you honey. On national singles’ day in China you can shop the best deals on Alibaba just for one day. It’s the black Friday for singles! To find out more about this day you can read more here. In the meantime, let’s take a trip down the Sex and the City lesson map. Where Carrie discovers that her single status just isn’t appreciated enough.


Single Celebrations 

I quite enjoyed this episode – ‘A Woman’s Right to Shoes’. It’s something that I have been thinking for a very long time and had actually forgotten Carrie shared the same sentiment. Carrie attends a house party her good friend Kyra is hosting. To Carrie’s dismay, when guest arrive they are asked to remove their shoes. Don’t get offend when I say this but in Canada we take our shoes off when we enter someone’s home, so no surprise here (this may also be true for where you live, wherever that may be). From my experience, being in the US, you are allowed to keep your shoes on. In fact, my American friend once told me that you don’t take your shoes off because you don’t want to get your socks or feet dirty?! I know right! I definitely don’t want to generalize, this is just something I have noticed through my travels around the US; shoes stay on. Please note: I AM NOT PASSING JUDGEMENT, this is just a casual assessment. When you enter my home, you are taking your shoes off. Why? Because my floors are clean thanks to my Dyson and my mop. I like to keep my wood floors clean and free from the damage that shoes often cause. If you need a pair of clean slippers I do have that on hand for those who just can’t understand the idea of removing your shoes covered in mud. Carrie, who reluctantly does what’s requested of her later finds out as the night comes to an end someone has stolen her new shoes, Manolo Blahnik sandals, she purchased that day.  I mean really?! Who does that! Who steals shoes at a house party? When she confronts her friend about this her friend takes on a blasé attitude and only offers to pay Carrie half the cost of the shoes. She also says, that Carrie spent a ridiculous amount on them and that once you get married and have kids you invest your money on much more important things. As Carrie walks home feeling sad, in her loner shoes, a pair of trainers, what her friend said to her doesn’t sit well with her.

Carrie brings this issue up to Charlotte as they stroll down the busy sidewalks of New York. She comes to the realization that she has spent well over $2, 500.00 dollars celebrating the many events  (bridal shower, wedding, baby shower) of her friend Kyra who trivialized the loss of Carrie’s beloved Manolo’s. She realized that while she was spending her money celebrating all her friend’s important milestones. As a single women, no one was celebrating her. No one was celebrating all the great accomplishments she had achieved. In her words “there is not an occasion to celebrate single women”. In fact women who are married often forget that it’s important to celebrate your single friends new job, store opening or whatever great thing that is happening in their lives. Why is celebration only designated for marriage or pregnancy? Why can’t we celebrate each other? Why can’t we let each other know that we are proud and happy that our single friend is living out their dreams? This is something I think both men and women should begin to do. Be happy for your friends and in turn they should do the same. There is nothing better than knowing that your friends celebrate you! That they not only respect and value your friendship but seeing you thrive brings them joy and likewise.

So what did Carrie do? How did she resolve this Carrie dilemma? In the best way Carrie knows how to solve a problem. She called her blasé friend Kyra and told her that she was celebrating her happy single self and she could purchase Carrie’s gift from her registry…Manolo Blahnik! Oh, and FYI dear friend she is a size 7, Thanks!


Carrie Bradshaws stolen shoes



So the lesson here is, don’t wear your sparkly new shoes to a house party and if so ask your host if you can place them somewhere else for safe keeping. Secondly, if your shoes go missing keep an eye out at the next party for anyone wearing them. Thirdly, no matter what your status is, married, unmarried, single, it’s complicated, it’s important to treat your friends as you would like them to treat you. We all place value on things differently, and this is okay. How someone spends their hard earned money is their busines whether they are single or married. Lastly, if you are going to a house party and you steal someone’s shoes or anything, shame on you!

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