Why You Should Send Yourself A Love Letter

I want you to send yourself a love letter this February. I remember when I used to get love letters or love notes. It was nice to check the mail and see a letter from your lover nestled in a stack of mail. It was nice to find love notes placed somewhere you didn’t expect. A note from your lover telling you that ” you are amazing” or to “have a good day”. Do people still send love letters? Maybe they do, I guess I don’t get them anymore. It’s a rare gesture these days, taking the time to put pen to paper and spill your heart out to someone and then seal it in an envelope and mail it. Taking a few minutes before you leave for work to write a note, just because, just because you want them to always feel that they are loved by you. I still have those letters and notes, mementos to remind me that when we allow ourselves to be open, to be vulnerable, this is when love really happens. I am sure for many of you, texting or emailing is the norm. I will tell you if you have ever written or received a love letter, it’s just not the same. You definitely don’t get lost in translation and there are no silly emoji’s blocking what really must be felt.

Whenever Valentine’s Day approaches I think of this dying art form. I think of the beauty and power it has to bring people together. I think about long before when this was the only way to communicate with the one you loved from a distance. Every word mattered and each emotion felt, the writer knew the importance of conveying this purposefully and thoughtfully. The words written in your letter were just as precious as the paper it was written on because paper was expensive and one page needed to be just enough.

I am not sure if you will ever get a love letter in the mail from the one your love but you should definitely receive one from yourself.  A letter where you expresses how amazing you are and the kind of person you strive to be. A letter that conveys feelings and emotions that you would like the one that you love or will love someday to say to you. A letter to remind you that you are worthy of love and to never accept less than you deserve. A letter that you can read daily, weekly, monthly or yearly when you feel that love doesn’t exist and that you are not loved. The first person you should desire love from is yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is powerful, it has the ability to transform your life in both positive and negative ways. You must continuously work on loving yourself. It must be one of your number one priorities. Loving yourself the right way will allow you to love others and to show others how to love you. You won’t allow those who don’t respect and cherish you in your life and you will know the importance of giving people the love they deserve because it’s what you need and what you want.


How To Write Yourself A Love Letter

When you write yourself a love letter, don’t rush through it. This paper that your pen is about hit is gold and your words are precious diamonds without a price. A love letter should never be rushed and it should come from a place where only truth lives. When you write this love letter tell yourself to love fearlessly. Fear and love should never coexist and why should you fear something when done right will nourish you? Tell yourself the things that you have always wanted to say to a lover. Tell yourself the things you desire to say to yourself every day you wake up as the sun rises. Tell yourself that you are more than enough, you are enough. Be sure to write the words “I love you” as many times as possible. So if you never hear them, each time you read this letter you will say it out loud “I love you…I love you”.

As you write this letter think of the way you want to feel when you receive it. When you open your mailbox and open the envelope. Imagine you’ve had a bad day, or perhaps you are feeling hopeful. However, you are feeling, imagine that this love letter will be just what’s need in that moment. Make this love letter the love doctrine that holds the standards of love you expect from yourself and those who desire you. Set the bar high so you can meet this standard or come close enough to it. As you know you’re not perfect, I am not perfect, therefore loving someone isn’t a task built on perfection. Loving is built on honesty, integrity, and courage. Tell yourself to never forget the importance of honesty, integrity, and courage. Don’t compromise on a love that isn’t worthy. You should never feel that loving yourself less is required in order to make others feel better or to shine. Say what you really mean and always follow through. Promise to never start a love with a lie or be bound to a union that requires you to lie to yourself. Don’t be ashamed to let the world know how in love with yourself you are. Be courageous in love, be your own hero.

This love letter might uncover desires within you that you have been suppressing. You may begin to realize that ways in which you have stifled loves potential. We all get in the way of ourselves and talk ourselves out of good things, this includes love. You may realize that you haven’t been attracting the kind of love you deserve because you still need to do that self-work. If so, in your love letter express the way you hope to feel when you open this love letter for the first time. Imagine you are already there, loving you the right way and how good you feel. The desire to make life improvements will start as soon as you decide that you need to do better, you deserve better.

If you are feeling bold, put your love letter in an envelope and mail it to yourself. Your love letter will arrive at the perfect time, on the right day. Don’t forget to start and end it with “I love you…I love you”.


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