Roots Canada: The Love Story

Since it’s the love month I feel like talking about all things concerning love. Well…okay that’s a lie. Love is a topic that will come up many times on this site on any given month. Love makes the world go-round as the saying goes. It’s true, there is nothing better than love. Whether it’s love for your lover, your family, or friends. Love is an essential component to our existence.

A good love story is never old and it gives all the love hopefuls out there a bright red light of hope so they know that it really does exist. Just don’t give up on this beautiful possibility. Some people aren’t into Valentine’s Day…I prefer to call February the love month. In addition, I don’t think love should be designated to one day. Show the one(s) you love how you feel ALL the time. You will never regret all the love you have given or all the love you have received.

If you feel like reading a real life love story ( I know you do!). Thanks to Roots Canada, you can read the love stories of a few Canadian couples.

If you think love no longer exists or lasts a long time (read Joseph’s & Nancy’s story). These great stories might make you change your mind. If you can’t get enough love in your life check the Roots Canadian ‘Love Story’ series every week where new couples will be featured.

A few of my favourites…

David Clemmer & Stephane Aubin

Joseph Ziegler & Nancy Palk

Spencer Burton & Baillie Maxwell

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