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CycleBar, a premium indoor cycling studio in the U.S. has opened the first Canadian franchise in Toronto’s Leaside neighborhood. I got to try this high-energy workout this week. I have to tell you, I loved it! I am not sure if it was the concert-like atmosphere or our instructor Cyndy, who kept us motivated during this intense 50-minute workout.  It felt like the place I needed to be on a Monday to kickstart my week.

As, you know, I want you to take care of yourself. Whether you like it or not, you will have to get some physical activity in order to achieve and maintain great health. A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. I know, joining different workout studios is quite costly. We want to invest in our health but also spend wisely. Well, thanks to CycleBar, you can get a luxe indoor cycling experience in a space that includes sound systems, a DJ booth, professionally engineered light and energy-enhancing video graphics at a fraction of the cost of most high-end indoor cycling studios.


CycleBar Leaside Toronto


What’s great about this studio is that you can see your performance on the screens in front of you while you ride. You can also access your performance result via your online CycleBar profile. Other great features include a filtered water bar where you can refill your water bottle. Lockers that don’t require a lock since you can input your code with the built-in lock box. The personal washrooms are beautiful and spa-like. It’s amazing to think you are getting something this good at an affordable price.

I hope you get to experience CycleBar  – “Rock Your Ride”

Location: 1866 Bayview Ave #103, Toronto ON

When: Monday to Sunday. For classes with Cyndy (she’s amazing!) check the schedule.



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