Recipes To Mend A Broken Heart Series

You have had your heart ripped out of your chest. You feel like the world is ending and you will forever live in a dark hole of pain and sadness. As the days pass you realize it’s over and you have to move on. For some, when they experience heartbreak they run to the fridge and eat whatever is in sight, they treat their bodies like a never ending dumpster eating foods that will leave them feeling worse and a few pounds heavier. On the other end of the spectrum you may be the kind of person that experiences loss of appetite. You just don’t have the desire to eat so you don’t and as a result you loose weight. I have heard people say “there is nothing like break-up weight-loss”. You can finally fit into that size zero. You have always wanted to be that size and now it’s finally happening. This part of it feels great and you hope that when the one who broke your heart sees you they will see how great you look and want you back.

I know we all cope with emotional pain and loss differently but I think during these times our bodies need our love and care the most. Whether you are aware of this or not our bodies not just out hearts are experiencing it all at the same time. So it’s important to take care of yourself. When you get a cold you take care of yourself and do what needs to be done to feel good again. This shouldn’t be different with your broken heart because it’s caught a case of the LOVE FLU and is in desperate need of tlc. Unfortunately, this will require some work from you but remember you are more than worth it. Just like a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup makes you feel good. Eating healthy and nourishing your body is just as important during a love flu crisis and will not only make you feel better but help mend your broken heart.

Here you will find great recipes that are meant to nourish your body. You are the master of your own ship and you can’t control what others do. What you can do is get through this with courage and mostly respect for your beautiful body that may feel broken, but trust me it will mend.

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