Pure Amour at Maman Toronto

As you know we are all about the joie de vivre. It’s our motto. If you aren’t living joyfully then you’re simply not living. Your goal in life is to strive to live the best life possible. Furthermore, don’t forget to spread that joy to those around you as well.

There are days when my mind drifts to far off places. When I wish I was sitting at a café in the South of France savouring a freshly baked croissant; right out of the oven. Oh pure amour, a trip to the South of France is never a bad idea. What’s a girl to do when she can’t actually go there? She can simply bring the love and glamour of beloved France to her. This is exactly how I feel when I walk into Maman Toronto, a café and bakery serving family inspired recipes from the South of France and North America.

Of course Maman is nothing less than great. We have world-acclaimed Michelin Chef Armand Arnal, co-founding partner & Executive Chef at Maman New York and Toronto, to thank. Arnal also serves as the Head Chef of La Chassagnette, a Michelin Star restaurant and bakery in the South of France. If this doesn’t make you want to spend a leisure morning at Maman I am not sure what will!

If you can’t make it in the morning, although I encourage you to. Maman Toronto is open Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch and cinq-á-sept, and Saturday for brunch. What is cinq-á-sept you ask? It’s English translation is ‘five to seven’. Cinq-á-sept  is a time when a social gathering happens after work (we call it happy-hour) and before dinner. These gatherings normally take place at a bar or cafe where cocktails and tapas are served.

For those who don’t know, Maman means mom or mommy in French. This name is very fitting since their cuisine highlights family inspired recipes.

Must Haves:

Chef Arnal drew his inspiration from his formative years spent in Montpellier, France. As a result, Maman’s menu offers Mediterranean inspired ‘tartinettes’ (French version of tapas). Maman’s menu allows guests to create their own tartinette board.


  • Roasted Cauliflower served on a toasted French baguette with dijon mustard and 2 years aged cheddar
  • The Camembert served with pastrami and made in-house onion marmalade
  • Brillat Savarin cheese with caramelized onions.
  • Kale caesar salad with roasted chicken, red onions, parmesan cheese & thyme croûtons
  • Yves: fresh croissant with comté cheese, avocado, spring mix & tomatoes


tarinettes at Maman Toronto



  • LE VERT: blanco tequilla, chartreuse, cucumber, lime & matcha.
    (or try it with‘’ ketel one vodka ‘’ or ‘’ citadelle gin ‘’)
  • BEURRE NOISETTE: beurre noisette washed angostura, sugar & sparkling wine (also served with Champagne)


Maman Cocktails



  • Maman’s ‘famous’ nutty chocolate chunk cookie
  • Chocolate Croissant (so good, trust me!)
  • Matcha green tea pancakes with blueberries, ricotta & shredded coconut – this is a special so not sure how long it will stay on the menu.

Their bakery is honestly one of the best in Toronto in my opinion. You will most likely take some sweet treats home.


Mama apple tarte



Maman Toronto is located at First Canadian Place, Food Terrace, Upper Level in Toronto’s Financial District.


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Please let me know if you stop by Maman. I would love to know what you think. What are your favourites? I can’t wait to go back for brunch!


Images Courtesy of: The Things I Wish I Knew, Joey Salmingo & Maman



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      I seriously can’t wait to try their Matcha pancakes. I have heard so much about this place. Great post.