Pretty in Rose Quartz and Serenity: Accents

I know a lot of people tend to steer clear of pastels. Some of my friends have colour rules, in terms of what they can and cannot wear. But I say, it’s time to ditch all those ideas that hold you back from exploring the fun fashionista inside you. Further, whether you’re into pastels or not you will see two particular pantone colours in 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is a beautiful blush pinkish colour and serenity is a gentle soft sky/ocean blue. Keep in mind you will see variations of both colours (deep or soft).

There’s something very soothing and calming about both colours. They draw the eye to the wearer rather than drawing the eye just to the clothing. It’s pretty, simple and effortless. Probably the easiest colours to work with wardrobe wise; the possibilities are truly endless. There’s something confident about a women who wears pastel( men look great in these colours as well). It draws out that inner beauty and sensual femininity.

If you’re a pastel novice, consider a beautiful blouse, or actually a few. What a nice way to add a touch of colour to a black fitted suit, or an all white one. (I live for that look it’s beautiful). Look for tailored and structured silhouettes when you are looking for pants or jackets in either hue. A Rose Quartz trousers and a white or Serenity blouse works well. Another option is a black blouse, if you want to stay in your comfort zone somewhat.

There are so many simple ways to incorporate both colours and I encourage you to take a risk. These colours will also look great as a nail polish; less commitment. I decided to showcase a few accents that pay homage to this years pantone colours.



Fancy Feet

Gucci Metallic leather slide with crystals $795.00
Gucci –  Metallic leather slide with crystals – $795.00


I love these sandals. The metallic leather finish is a nice variation on such a soft colour. You may notice that designers have presented both hues with their own spin on it. You won’t necessarily find the exact colour match as the pantone swatches released.  I just can’t get enough of this design by Gucci; a definite must have!



Charlotte Olympia Mid-Century Velvet Kitty Flat, Pale Pink
Charlotte Olympia
Mid-Century Velvet Kitty Flat, Pale Pink



Simple Sophistication 

Alexander McQueen Skull-Print Chiffon Scarf
Alexander McQueen Skull-Print Chiffon Scarf


I think a scarf is the simplest way to added colour. I love how McQueen incorporated both colours in a fun yet sophisticated way. It’s a little edgy but at the same time pretty and whimsical. I feature McQueen quite a bit on the site, clearly I am a big fan. In my opinion McQueen pieces are timeless.


Bottega Veneta Silk Crepe De Chine Blouse
Bottega Veneta Silk Crepe De Chine Blouse

Another simple way to add colour is a blouse. Go with the best hue for you. I would get this in both colours. When looking for a blouse that’s either white or light in colour, look at the quality of the garment. Why? I am not sure if you own any pastel or similar light coloured pieces but with wear you can start to tell higher quality versus low quality fabrication. The colour starts to look muddy and almost dirty although it’s not. I have purchased a few cheaper items in similar colours and I notice the difference usually after a few washes (or dry cleaning) and wears. I will post a piece for you on garment care. I think it’s a worthwhile piece of knowledge and it will actually save you a ton of money in the long run.


Bag It

Burberry 'Small Macken' Check Crossbody Bag
Burberry ‘Small Macken’ Check Crossbody Bag $1,459.65

Sometime it’s easier to accessorize your wardrobe with prints and colours. Not everyone is into bold prints or want to be stuck with clothing they know they will only wear once. If you like to keep your wardrobe simple and neutral, adding colourful and printed bags will spruce up your look.

Above is a Burberry ‘Small Macken’ Check Crossbody Bag. I love the traditional argyle print with a touch of Rose Quartz. It’s excellent for those who don’t want to feel like they are buying into a trend but would like to add a touch of pink to their wardrobe.

Bottega Veneta Woven Knot Snake-Inset Clutch Bag, Ciel Baby Blue
Bottega Veneta
Woven Knot Snake-Inset Clutch Bag, Ciel Baby Blue


You don’t have to break the bank but search for quality. Whether you are spending 20 bucks or 200 on an item, if it falls apart quickly that’s your money down the drain. Don’t fill your closet with inexpensive items that aren’t made well. You can get good deals on well-made merchandise (SALES), including accessories these days so no excuse. It’s always good to look for inspiration from brands that make quality products, not just in terms of design but craftsmanship. You can always purchase something that looks similar.



Shade ItElizabeth and James Sunglasses

Elizabeth and James “Rider” Sunglasses – $290.63

They are also available in rose as well.

One of the things I love about aviators is that they come in different colours. A simple look can really pop with a coloured aviator. My sister is a big fan of this frame (I prefer giant frames). It’s a great unisex shade.



SUNDAY SOMEWHERE CSA Rose Gold Square Sunglasses
SUNDAY SOMEWHERE CSA Rose Gold Square Sunglasses $270.00

Sunday Somewhere does a great job combining a new look to familiar retro and 70s styled frames. If you already have a signature pair of sunglasses that you use all the time. Be bold and try shades outside of your comfort zone. It’s a great way to incorporate new colours.



Gem Life

When in doubt, get yourself some gems. I can think of so many times I jazzed up an outfit with the help of some beautiful jewels. Get an accessory bin and individually seal your pieces in clear jewelry bags to keep things organized. Display the pieces you want to wear and swap them out and store them away when you’re over them. I like to display what I am currently wearing. I hate searching for things last-minute. So if there are a few pieces I like to wear… maybe that month, I keep them in plain sight. The more organized you are you will notice that you will become more selective when you purchase accessories. Get pieces you love.


Marni Pink Multifaceted Resin Bangle
Marni Pink Multifaceted Resin Bangle


Oddly enough, serenity pieces aren’t as easy to find. It wasn’t easy finding great pieces that weren’t super expensive. I am not sure why?! You will have to do some searching but I stumbled upon a few gems. This ring looks amazing on!


Alexis Bittar Ring
Alexis Bittar Chelcedony Ring $625.00



A Touch of Polish

If you have been following this site, you will know I try to look for products that aren’t harsh. I know we love nail polish! I remember when I used to get my nails done every two weeks. A few summers ago I got into the shellac craze. I loved that my nails would look great for two weeks without any chips but as the summer came to an end I started to think about the impact of the UV light used at each visit. I realized it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do weekly.  I also didn’t like the idea that my nails couldn’t breathe. A few of my friends complained that their nails were weak and no longer as healthy as they once were. So what’s the alternative? If you are someone who loves to paint their nails. Nail art is a big thing and for some women getting their nails done is a weekly ritual. I was happy when I received a sample of Deborah Lippman’s gel pro polish, “the healthy alternative to gel polish”.

Deborah Lippman Peaches and Cream
Deborah Lippman Peaches & Cream $20.00

What makes this polish different? 

10 exclusive treatment ingredients.

I added links for you to find out more about the last two ingredients. I didn’t know what they were either. Whether they are 100% safe is in question but both ingredients can be found in quite a few brands you know (just search). The last product listed is derived from trees (so I don’t think it’s bad for you…always do your own research).

  • For Wear: Platinum Power and Epoxy Resin

Platinum powder is a metallic element. Believe it or not it’s in quite a few anti-aging products. It’s derived from the earths crust. For information on Epoxy Resin click here.

  • For Shine: Silk Power and Plexiglass

Silk Powder, another product that’s in a lot of cosmetics (eg. foundation), it is made by silk worms. It’s made from the secretions of silk worms. Plexiglass (acrylic), I am sure you know what this is: It’s an alternative to glass.

Keep in mind this product is an alternative for those who want the gel nail polish look and finish. You don’t have to go to the nail salon and place your hands under a UV light either. Whenever possible, look for an alternative and I think this is a good one for long wear nail polish lovers. Evening Primrose and Green Tea Extract are great natural ingredients. Evening Primrose oil has several benefits, it’s a very nourishing oil and I it have in my cabinet. Green Tea Extract is used to treat quite a few skin conditions and can be found in health supplements. In addition, knowing what’s in the products you use is a good thing. Lippman lists all the ingredients, transparency is important. I appreciate this as much as I enjoy this new hue of pink. It’s called Peaches & Cream, but it’s more of a blush colour (hence & cream).


Essie Cream Nail Polish 'Lapiz of Luxury'
Essie Cream Nail Polish ‘Lapiz of Luxury’
$8.50 (price varies)


Get creative, don’t be afraid to experiment. Remember the above items are just reference points to get your imagination filled with Rose Quartz and Serenity dreams. Put together your own look-book or guide so when you’re out shopping you don’t steer off track and spend money on something you will only wear once and absolutely hate later (I know the feeling).


I didn’t post any clothing items other than a blouse because it’s all a matter of taste on how far you are willing to go. You’re more likely to get a lot of use out of a blouse (pair with trousers, jeans, shorts or a skirt). Most stores display blouses and suits, just mix and match. You will find something that works for you. Dresses and skirts are great options as well. A dress is a little more commitment but once you put one foot into this new pool of colour and it warms up you’re bound to put the other foot in.





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