On The Runway: The Best In Stripes Resort & Spring 2016

I have never understood why people have a fear of stripes. With the right material and pattern, whether it’s vertical, horizontal or a combination of both, the right pattern will accentuate your silhouette. Let’s face it stripes can be pretty sexy and sophisticated if you do it right. When I think of stripes I always imagine myself on a yacht in St. Barts – one day :).

When most people think of stripes, anything navy and white, red and white or black and white is the first thing that comes to mind. Well, there’s so much more than the above colour/shade overlay. Don’t limit yourself to this idea because Versace beautifully married rainbow colours and stripes for their latest resort collection. For those who fear stripes, bright colours provide a touch of softness and elegance. In addition, stripes don’t make you look fat, in fact try to avoid this kind of thinking when you’re updating your wardrobe or considering a new trend. It’s all about the right something for you; allow yourself to find the perfect fitting stripe adorned garment that will work on your frame. Remember: the fashionably fabulous have no limits.

Below are a few of my favourite designers who showcased stripes in their 2016 resort  and spring collections. You will notice each designer presents this pattern in a different way. Some are traditional, some are soft, some subtle and others bold and in your face. Sonia Rykiel offered a bold, sparkly and bright approach that I will say topped my list on must have stripe anything this year. If that makes any sense! When in doubt browse through a few images of your favourite designers and see how they put the look together. Use the look as a reference point for yourself as you look around for the right piece. I think it’s time for you to take a risk and embrace bold and bright stripe patterns because not only can you wear it on vacation, summer is just around the corner. Nothing screams happiness and tropical fun like a vibrant stripe pattern!


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Oh just a little tip: Don’t be afraid to go a size up with this pattern, it actually falls on the body a lot better. Even if it’s a fitted dress or shirt, you can always get certain areas tailored for a better fit, but super tight doesn’t always flatter your figure (get something fitted with a bit of give). Unfortunately, stripes anything can be unflattering on anyone if you don’t pay attention to how the fabric falls on your body.  There’s a difference between skin tight and fitted.


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