Nice Guy, Bad Shoes

There is nothing better than a well-dressed man. I am sure you don’t disagree! I have heard many of my friends complain about their guy’s choice of footwear. As women, sometimes you find yourself secretly plotting to toss his favourite pair of shoes out. Sorry…Not sorry! You hate them! Although, you aren’t quite sure if they are in fact his favourite pair of shoes. You just know that he seems to wear them all the time and it makes you cringe. You love him and know a man is not his shoes. I know women judge men by their shoes but there are many great men out there who are ‘footwear clueless’. He may simply wear them because they are easy to put on and comfortable.

Alexander McQueen Studded Chelsea Boot
Alexander McQueen Studded Chelsea Boot

I think every man should own a nice pair of Chelsea boots. Your boyfriend can’t go wrong with a Chelsea boot since they are quite versatile. I advise you to gently guide him…I mean don’t hurt his feelings, men do have feelings (I know right?!) in the right direction. I think it’s safe to say he can put his best foot forward in his awesome new pair of boots. Added bonus: he can dress them down with a nice pair of jeans or dress them up with slacks or a suit.

So stop being so hard on him. Besides, he will appreciate your help and encouragement.

Dear old over-worn shoes I hate you. R.I.P.

P.S. If he loves those shoes so much a nice new pair wouldn’t hurt either! Everyone loves a good pair of Converse! I love Converse and if this is his style a nice crisp new pair is in order!!






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