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I travel a lot so it’s important to have a great travel bag. I like a bag that’s durable and stylish. If you’re like most women you most likely check your bag and leave only the essentials and valuable items in your travel bag. I have noticed on my travels that a lot of men don’t check their bags. I don’t blame them since they get to skip all the hassle and annoying wait at the baggage carousel. I have also witnessed some unfavourable baggage choices. I cringe thinking about it…really I do. I think a good travel bag is a worthwhile investment for every man. I know I know you have your backpack the bright blue one which you love because it’s easy to use but there are times when a backpack just isn’t enough. C’mon guys…if you aren’t backpacking around Europe anymore I think it’s time to upgrade your travel accessories.

If your boy is one of these gents, in need of a serious upgrade, or you are a stylish dude reading this (of course you are!). I recently stumbled upon Maxwell Scott, a UK based baggage company, that makes handmade Italian leather bags crafted by the best artisans. I honestly fell in love with their work in particular the DinoM travel bag. Another great added feature of these bags is that the company offers personalization. What does this mean? It means you can get your initial embossed on it! I love this! Seriously! Another bonus: Maxwell Scott not only promises the durability and longevity of their leather they also offer a 25-year warranty on their entire collection.


I also think this is the perfect gift for any guy; it is the love month after all. Instead of the usual why don’t you change it up a bit with a gift that is not only personalized but will last a long time. I am someone who would of course over do it and fill the bag with goodies as well.

Remember, it’s never too late to travel like a boss and everyone knows a boss doesn’t leave the details unattended.

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