My Boyfriend Style Guide: Back to Basics

Listen up boys! Please pay attention. I am here to help you through your fashionable life. I know you have your own thing going on, but a little help from your virtual girlfriend (a.k.a moi) will push you in the right direction.

Every guy should invest in good basics. This is a requirement. Not only will it make your life a lot easier…seriously a good quality crisp white shirt is a game changer. You will be able to put together a great look effortlessly. Besides, I know you are always crunched for time. So lets get that closet of yours in good order.

What you need:

Good quality always. Every now and then it’s okay to grab something that’s a little cheaper just for day to day wear. But if you like to wear a t-shirt when you are going out. Buy a well made tee. It’s all about the way it feels, the fabric and how it’s spun. This will make a big difference in your look. Please don’t wear a thin low quality t-shirt out to a nice bar and pair it with good jeans it takes away from your outfit and makes it look like you don’t care that much about how you present yourself. If t-shirts are your go to, then it’s time to invest in this area so you always look your best. Below you will see top quality t-shirts that fit really well such as Rick Ownes and Damir Dorma. These are for the advanced t-shirt wearer. But don’t fret, I also added in a good quality brand that’s not as pricey as these two. Love the Gap! One thing you should takeaway: Crips white t-shirts are a must.

There are so many great demin brands out now. You have absolutely no excuse to make this mistake. With sites like The Denim Daily where you can learn about the best denim available. I still can’t understand why I see so many denim blunders while I am out. First, get the right fit. Pick a style that suits your body type. Not everyone can pull off a skinny jean nor do they have to. I always like a nice straight leg or semi-slim fitted pair of jeans on a man. You need to own at least two pairs of indigo (dark blue) jeans, two black, one white and a light washed/distressed demin. That’s only five pairs! Don’t worry I will show you which brands I think are worth investing in.

The Dress Shirt
Ahh, I love tartan. It’s something I really enjoy when I am wearing it. But I have to say, and it’s not your fault guys but I just can’t handle seeing a sea of tartan or checkered patterns when I look out into a crowd. I know every designer seems to think all men want to wear is plaid or checkers. I don’t know. So if you must, please get a shirt the fits you well. Please get a pattern that compliments your frame as well. This makes a big difference. In addition, a skin tight plaid dress shirt doesn’t look good. I don’t care how nice your body is. Fitted and tailored is a different story…this is okay. When buying a dress shirt be sure to get proper measurements. Also, don’t be afraid to go to a good tailor to get it fitted just right. Look for well made shirts with well made fabrics. Seams need to fit well and pay attention to where the collar sits in proportion to your face this is important; please keep this in mind. You also want a smooth finish at the back with no bulges. This is one area where taking your time and thinking it through before you purchase can go a long way. Once, you get the hang of it buying a nice dress shirt will become second nature.

Men look at women’s toes. We know you do. You want to see some nice pedicured feet. Well women appreciate this as well, but we also appreciate a nice pair of socks. Sports socks are sports socks, so you don’t have to worry about this. What you do have to consider is the type of socks you put on our feet when you are wearing a nice chelsea boot for instance or a beautiful pair of welt stitched oxfords. Thankfully, socks are more in than ever before so you have lots of great options. Socks are also a great way to add some personality to a very simple outfit. Besides, you can never have too many socks.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good belt. But you can also splurge since you don’t need more than four good belts. Two shades of brown, deep and light distressed and two black belts will do. This is all personal choice. For men a belt is like an accessory piece that gives a little insight into the man.

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I hope this helps. There is no need to be intimidated by your wardrobe any more gents. I trust that you will get it right. First, start with the basics and work your way up.

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