My Boyfriend: Men’s Summer Shorts

It’s finally hot out. I am sure sun worshippers are beyond excited to get outside. Tis the season to sit on a patio, have a cool bevie, chill at the park or go on a bike ride. After a very long Canadian winter I am sure you can agree, it’s about time it warmed up.

It’s kind of funny, why do people always talk about the weather? Have you noticed this?! It’s either too hot or too cold. Why is it so windy? Why is it raining?! We sure do love to complain about the weather. Either way, you still have to look good, so let’s get down to business.

A week ago I covered the basics. I know some of you asked me where you can get the same looks without breaking the bank. Always a good saver, and we love you for it. I will be posting a Back to Basics Economics for you in the coming weeks.

For now let us shift our focus to summer shorts, or I should say the right shorts for men. You don’t have to wear jeans all the time. Take advantage of the warmer weather. I was recently browsing the men’s section at Holt Renfrew. Of course as a good virtual girlfriend I wanted to scope out something good for all my boyfriend’s out there. I did notice that there is quite a variety of surf shorts/summer shorts available for men this year. Gone are the days of your basic khaki, navy blue short, or classic floral print. Designers have upped their game. Men want style options just as much as women do.

Since, you are judged by your shorts these days. Sorry fellas, people are now paying attention. You can’t get away with the “this is what they sell” excuse any more. Luckily, the prices are affordable, so much so you can pick up a few pairs each year and donate the one’s you no longer use. Or keep the one’s you have. If you take good care of your clothing, you should be able to use the same pair for at least two or more years. Also, it’s a good idea for you to own more than one pair. The more you wear them, the more wear and tear.

Things you should look for when buying:

Dual Action Shorts: These are the shorts that you can wear during the day at a pool party, cottage, or beach but also work as a good swim short. You need to look for a lightweight breathable fabric. You also want something that dries pretty quickly. Particularly if this is the only pair you plan on wearing. Sigh, I am not a fan of this, but if you must.

Dressed-Up Shorts: This is a dressier pair of shorts. I am sure you are familiar with the traditional khaki and royal blue style. This is your basic chino or Bermuda short that can be paired with a nice pair of loafers or a sleek pair of sneakers ( I covered some of the style I like here).

Cargo: I love cargo shorts. I love a camo cargo short particularly. Not just for functionality, but they just look so darn cool. Paired with a NICE t-shirt and good sneakers you can’t go wrong. When buying cargo shorts try to look for a pair where the pockets don’t overwhelm your frame. If you are on the shorter side, you don’t want jumbo pockets and don’t be afraid to get your shorts tailored if they are a little too long. This should cost you no more than 20 bucks. For the taller gents, think length along with pocket-size. I would say go for a relaxed fit and nothing that sits too low, this looks ridiculous.

Prints: I am big fan of prints. It does take a lot of confidence to pull them off. If you are new to this, go for a simple pattern. I encourage you to step outside the box though if you do find a really well made pair. They will last longer than your go to pair since you probably won’t wear them all the time. You can also pair them with a light blazer or linen dress shirt on cooler nights. Don’t worry I will show you this look put together (“The Look”). I realize my imagination is not yours; we may not have the same vision.



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I hope your summer is long and wonderful. Please tell me how it goes. I appreciate the feedback and it’s so nice to get to know all of you.

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