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For some reason, it’s in the summer when a good playlist is essential. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. It’s what brings us back to a moment in time. A summer ago when you thought you were unstoppable there was a song that helped you get through it all. To add to a new chapter, a new moon and a new summer soundtrack. Here are a few of our favourite artist(s) to get into for the month of July.



I am sure you are familiar with the Miguel lyrics. So it’s fitting that he called this album Wildheart. Perhaps dedicated to the wild hearted women out there just trying to be accepted. I listened to this record a few times and fell in love.

Notable Songs: Face The Sun, Coffee & FLESH
For some reason when I think of Miguel it makes me want to spend the night doing something….well you know…with.. 🙂

Miguel-  Wildheart



Florence & The Machine How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

It takes just one listen to be seduced by that voice, her voice…it’s pure magic. For me, its perfect music to listen to on a summer day at the cottage or sitting in your backyard. It’s the type of music you play at a late night gathering with friends and it just fits perfectly. It sort makes you feel like your life is a movie or you’re driving down a long stretch of highway; it’s an album that embodies the emotions of life.

Notable Songs: Ship To Wreck, What Kind of Man (I love love this song) & Delilah

Florance and the machine How big, how blue, how beautiful



Jessie Ware – Tough Love

This was a complete random find. It was on a play list on Youtube. Then I heard this song, Champagne Kisses, as a result I went through her channel. I think she is the next something to talk about. One common theme you will find in the list I have provided is that I think a good voice and a well written song always wins. Her smooth romantic vocals, well-arranged melodies and instrumentation are what will make Ware standout from the rest. There are no frills, it’s just pure music. In the end that’s all anyone ever wants; damn good music.

Notable Songs: Champagne Kisses, Tough Love & Say You Love Me


Jessie Ware Tough Love


If you have any artist(s) you would like to recommend please send us a note.


Peace, Love & Music Y’all.


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