Music to Our Ears: Sam Hunt, Little Big Town & Cam

One thing you may not know about me is that I am a lover of country music. In fact, if you spend a day with me, you will notice I always have country music playing in the background. It’s been like this since I was a child, maybe it’s because my Papa used to play John Denver all the time. So I thought I would share a few country artists you should definitely take a listen to.


Sam Hunt – Montevallo

Sam Hunt, a good ol’ Southern gent ( I just wanted to say that) hailing from Cedartown, Georgia currently sings to me all day. It’s too bad he isn’t coming to Toronto, a show I would like to attend. I actually stumbled upon Mr. Hunt last year when I heard his cover of Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine. You may have also heard his Kenny Chesney cover, Come Over, as well. His soulful voice commands your attention at first listen. I also want to mention his great sense of style, I won’t be surprised to see him on the cover of GQ in the near future. His style is impeccable – fellas take note.

Notable Songs: Speaker, Break Up In A Small Town, Make You Miss Me & Take Your Time

If you really get into his stuff be sure to take a listen to Between The Pine (Acoustic Mixtape) where he features the cover songs I mentioned above.


Sam Hunt Montevallo


Little Big Town – Pain Killer

I had to include Little Big Town on this list because I couldn’t believe the amount of people who didn’t know who they were during their Grammy performance. It’s not that they aren’t well known, but perhaps to the mainstream non-country listener they’re new in town. Well Little Big Town, has been gracing us with their smooth four-part harmonies and catchy melodies since 1998. Now that’s longevity! Another reminder that talent, good music, and perseverance is what you need to have a lasting career in the complex world of the music industry. Seriously, listen to their music if you are an aspiring musician/songwriter, you can learn a lot from them. Their latest record, Pain Killer, has the song I am sure some of you can’t get enough of, Girl Crush. But seriously, go through their catalogue and study their work it’s beautiful.

Notable Songs: Girl Crush, Pain Killer, Silver and Gold & Turn The Light On. 


Little Big Town Pain Killer



Cam – Untamed 

Thanks to Vevo and their great country music playlists I stumbled upon Cam. If you don’t know by now I love a good love song so it’s no surprise that I immediately fell in love with her killer single Burning House (nominated for a Grammy 2016). She paints a great picture with her music, you can imagine yourself living each word and swallowing each feeling.

Notable SongsBurning House, Cold In California, Village  & Mayday (great song!)


Cam Burning House



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