Music To Our Ears: Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry & Sigrid

This week I thought I would feature artists that are fearless. They aren’t caught up with the status quo and have no f__ks given when it comes to pushing boundaries even if this is not their main goal, they’re just expressing themselves. They create, they contribute to art world without inhibitions. They do things that you want to do and wish you could and they encourage you to do so without apologizing. I didn’t mention Rhianna because she doesn’t have a new album at the moment, but Bad Gal RiRi is another magnetic artistic rebel with a cause – the liberation of the artistic mind and soul.

It amazing to see women in music, embrace being women but also not embrace it at the same time meaning that there should be no concrete definition of feminity. Nor should one feel ashamed for convey to the world how they see themselves as a being. I think it’s a great message for all. We are free to be free – this is what makes us strong.



Miley Cyrus 

One of the things I really appreciate about Miley Cyrus is her ability to embrace change. It’s so refreshing in an industry where many are way too concerned about what others think. They live behind an ‘image’ of self that leaves them stuck both creatively and personally. Whether you’re an artist or doing whatever it is that you do, you need to allow yourself to evolve. It’s the only way to really figure out your purpose and to experience the richness of love and life. Her debut single, Malibu, I love it, other than the fact that it’s pretty much the style of music I am drawn to, I love the story she tells. I read an article saying it’s a complete failure?! There’s nothing failure about it and to be honest, if you buy into articles like this that miss the meaning in this song and many like it, then you just don’t get music. Music is supposed to be transformative, it’s always been this way and it seems people have forgotten this. Perhaps it’s because too much of the same is being pushed down one’s ears by the mainstream. Forget the mainstream and catch your own current.


Miley Cyrus Malibu
Miley Cyrus – Malibu


Katy Perry

Yes, Katy, this record is giving me life during the day. Chained to the Rhythm with Skip Marley, one of the singles from her record Witness made it on our first workout playlist. So far, I feel that there’s a bit of there’s an undertone of an island vibe to this record which I really appreciate. It’s a great fusion of sounds but don’t miss the message in this record, once you cut through the musical elements, you understand that Perry is on a mission to express of her views of what’s going on in the world through music. People always listen when the music is playing, therefore, there’s no better way to spread a positive message. Perry, isn’t afraid of change, she isn’t afraid to be open and vulnerable; this is why we love her. I hope she continues on this path and continues to show everyone that yes, the girl next door, or the girl that maybe you didn’t think could do all that much will can do amazing things.


Katy Perry
Katy Perry – Witness



I stumbled upon Sigrid, Norwegian singer and songwriter a few weeks ago. It was her song Dynamite that got me, it’s simple, luring and beautiful. Just enough of what’s needed in a song. As a result, I listened to her debut EP. You most likely know about her hit single Don’t Kill My Vibe that made Hottest Record In The World on Radio 1. I appreciate new artists that value good songwriting above anything else. I also feel like I can relate to her as an artist, there’s nothing worse than trying to create music with people who act like they are doing you a favour, total vibe killer. Sing it loud Sigrid, don’t kill my vibe. Now, leave the egos out of the music and let’s get back to the art of creating good music.



Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe 



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