Music To Our Ears: Khalid, Lorde & The Avett Brothers

Another month, more new music y’all. One thing we can always look forward to is new music and new artists, thank goodness.

Here are a few songs by artists I love that I am currently listening to.


You guys should know by now that I like lounge ambient music so it should come as no surprise that I am loving American singer Khalid. His smooth smokey laidback vocals are a nice touch to my workday playlist. At only 19 years of age, Khalid is writing songs about modern day love, instead of sending a love letter he talks about long texts to the one he desires. It’s the kind of stuff you wish you wrote in a text message but no one’s as brave a Khalid it seems. If this is our only form of communication these days why not make it poetic or in his case why not make it into a song. You may have heard his debut single Location, where he sings about the lady he desires and trying to get to her via GPS because it’s hard to just pick up the phone and say “hey meet me here” — It’s modern love, it’s a modern world. Another song you will get into right away as well is Let Go.

Singer Khalid
Khalid – American Teen


She got our attention with her hit single Royal and now she has our listening attention with her latest single Green Light from her sophomore album Melodrama. Another song we are loving is Liability. This is definitely a different vibe from her previous album. This album feels a little more personal, we are getting to know a little more about Lorde through her music. I like that she challenged herself to make something new with her sound on this record it shows her growth as a woman and as an artist.

Lorde Melodrama
Lorde – Melodrama

The Avett Brothers 

These gentlemen are just simply good. Simple good songwriting. They remind you of this when you listen to their song No Hard Feelings. They are a grammy-nominated American folk band with Sett and Scott Avett (the brothers) and Bob Crawford and Joe Kwon. I will have to thank my brother for telling me about The Avett Brothers, I have been getting into their music all week. So far I am digging it! You will also love their first single off this record Ain’t No Man, it’s an uplifting song about finding where you belong in this world, something we can all relate to.

The Avett Brothers True Sadness
The Avett Brothers – True Sadness

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