Music To Our Ears: Blake Shelton & Dierks Bentley

We’re so excited to attend Boots and Hearts Music Festival in August! So leading up to the festival, I thought I would feature a few of the acts that are set to play. Some you may know and others may be new to you. I am sure you know by now, that I have a serious love for all music. I love country music just as much as I love soul and rock n’ roll. Have you guys heard Florida Georgia Line’s recent song H.O.L.Y? Currently playing right now as I work. I am going to imagine it was written about me because who wouldn’t want a song written about them. Take a listen, at first listen the melody got me. I am all about the melody, it’s so important and it’s what people remember before they remember a single song lyric. It’s such a beautiful love song. FYI: HOLY stands for High On Loving You…just in case you were wondering.

Now let’s get into a few of the artists that will be at this years Boots and Hearts Music Festival. I also mentioned a few a while back, take a look here.  Yes, Sam Hunt and Cam are set to perform!

If I am lucky, which means you get that good luck too, I will get to chat with a few of these artists and tell you some life lessons they would like to share. We’ll find out soon!


Blake Shelton

Some of you may know Blake Shelton from The Voice (a tv show that he’s a judge/music mentor on). Well I have been a fan of his music for quite some time. I actually pack a Shelton CD (and a few others) with me when I travel to visit my parent overseas because my dad still has a Cd player which is amazing! Shelton is an example of good talent, good songwriting and honest artistry. In the end all that matters is the quality of work you put out, this is what stands the test of time. I am just getting into his recent album so I will let you know which songs to take a listen to. Before that I want to mention how good his album Bringing Back The Sunshine is! I swear it played non-stop during my last winter vacation. I feel like his music just keeps getting better and better. If I could pick a music mentor he would definitely be on the list. If you’re an aspiring songwriter then listen to his catalogue of work. He definitely inspires me to keep writing and exploring different song styles and ways of putting songs together. He’s latest album, If I’m Honest, is already stealing my heart. You have most likely heard the first single Came Here To Forget, something we all like to do every now and then.

Notable Songs from Bringing Back The Sunshine: Lonely Tonight, Anyone Else, Sangria, Neon Lights, Good Country Song & Gonna

Notable Songs from If I’m Honest: Came Here To Forget (great melody, smooth vocals), She’s Got A Way With Words, Every Time I Hear That Song, Every Goodbye & Saviour’s Shadow


Blake Shelton If I'm Honest



Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley’s voice takes me back to summer camp for some reason. When we would sit by the camp fire and the boys would jam on their guitars. His voice has a smooth whiskey texture to it, if that makes sense. His new album, Black, is a new favourite country record of mine. It’s mixed in with my workday music playlist. I’m not sure if he had his heartbroken recently or this album is about past heartbreak, because you can feel a heartfelt heavy emotion in each song. Seriously, someone get me a glass of wine and some tissues, it’s that kind of good. You know those songs that make you think about good love from the past or love that just wasn’t good enough. In my opinion, there is always room for a love song whether happy or sad. I am looking forward to see him play live. If you see me crying with a cold cider in hand come say hi. Until then, take a listen Black.

Notable Songs: Different For Girls (a song for every girl, take a listen), Why Do I Feel, Can Be Replaced (so in love with this song), Black (beautiful song) & I’ll Be The Moon 


Dierks Bentley Album Cover




Take a listen to H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line as well!



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