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I am sure you have heard Adele’s first single, Hello, from her new album, 25. I seriously feel like we need a good dose of Adele these days. I think the timing couldn’t have been better. All I want to do right now is stay indoors, paint, bake delicious gluten free treats (boring for some people) and sip a wine spritzer in front of the fireplace. Adele just seems like the perfect fit for this time of year.

So of course, I wanted to wait until the entire album was available before I told you how much I love love it. It’s another great album by this amazing, real and down to earth songstress for you to add to your playlist. I actually enjoyed listening to it mixed in with her older stuff as well. We can’t deny that when it comes down to it, when it’s timeless, it never gets old. I think Adele has captures this essence in her music. She clearly understands that a well-written song will not only be good ten years from now, but it will capture the hearts of many at first listen.

Notable Songs: Send My Love (To Your New Lover), I Miss You, River Lea, Million Years Ago & Remedy 

I think Remedy is a great follow-up to Hello. It’s definitely an album that you can have playing all day in the background as you work and you won’t get sick of it. Well, I haven’t so far.


adele 25



I am not mentioning Hello because obviously we know it’s a great song. I thought I would mention songs you may have not heard yet and for those who haven’t purchased the record yet.  Tell me what you think? Which songs are you hooked on from this record? Also please send me more suggestions! I love to know what you are listening to.


Peace, Love & Music Y’all

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