Mother’s Day Gift Guide: We Love The Mama’s

We love the mama’s and we think they deserve something special every day of the week. It’s not easy being a mom. A lot of my friends who have become mothers recently tell me this daily. There’s a lot of judgment and people often forget to say hey, “you’re doing a great job”. Raising another human being isn’t an easy job. You want the best for them and do your best to steer them in the right direction, whatever that may be. Every mom wants to know that you are happy. Every mom will ask her child/children “Are You Happy?“. It’s true, your happiness is mama’s happiness.

If you don’t show your mom how much she means to you on a regular basis, holidays, birthdays and mother’s day are the perfect time to do so. Even if you aren’t into holidays or birthdays, that’s not an excuse not to do something for someone who does so much for you and will love you no matter what. I hear people complain about holidays like mother’s day or birthdays as something that’s overhyped. Yes, overhype the people that you care about. Celebrate them because life is a gift and the people you get to share it with are a gift as well. Mom is always a Queen, on mother’s day make sure she knows it.




Pineapple Pillow
Expressions Pineapple Outdoor Pillow Cover – $39.50 CAD


I love this pillow, I think it’s great for the mom who loves to sit outside and enjoy nature and maybe a few cocktails aka mommy juice. Mama is a queen so make sure to knows this every day with this gorgeous heavyweight, water-resistant graphic pineapple outdoor pillow cover. Personally, I would use it indoors but it’s up to mom; she is the queen after all.



Wine glass mom juice
Wine Glass “Mom Juice” – $20.00 CAD

Mama loves you, but sometimes after a long day of trying to keep you happy and hold down the forte, she needs a little mama juice. Mom will love this classic stem wine glass with gold motif because every mom loves gifts from her kids that say mom. For the mom who loves a good vino, this will put a smile on her face.

The Moisture Intensive Collection LA MER
LA MER The Moisture Intensive Collection – $408.30 CAD


LA MER is one of those skincare brands that makes you feel like you are at the spa every time you use it. This is an amazing gift set for mom, it comes with two must haves from this line, the Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream that will repair rejuvenate your skin, it’s luscious; The Concentrate, also known as the skin saviour due to its healing powers and The Eye Concentrate for dark circles, discoloration and unevenness.


Rebecca Minkoff Julian' Backpack
Rebecca Minkoff Julian’ Backpack -$415.34 CAD


Mom will love this chic Rebecca Minkoff backpack. Mom still wants to look cool and stylish, and why shouldn’t she?! It’s perfect for the mom on the go who has a lot of things to carry but doesn’t want to be weighed down with too many bags. Lip and snacks will fit perfectly in this bag.



Lulu Dk I Love You Love Code Charm Necklace
Lulu DK I Love You Love Code Charm Necklace – $95.74 CAD

Mom will love this 14k gold plated anchored circle pendant etched with “I love you” on it. The cryptic message on it becomes legible when you give the piece a quick spin.


Olivia Burton Animal Motif Watch - Black & Rose Gold
Olivia Burton Animal Motif Watch – Black & Rose Gold – $239.25 CAD

Olivia Burton designs beautiful watches. When I saw this watch I knew it would be perfect for mom. It’s sleek, delicate and sophisticated but in a non-fussy way. It’s a piece on its own. I love the moulded bee in rose gold it gives this watch the right amount of glamour, a piece that will compliment mom’s everyday style.




Gucci 54mm Retro Sunglasses
Gucci 54mm Retro Sunglasses – $506.85 CAD


It’s almost summer time, mom loves being outdoors with you. Show mom how much you love and appreciate her by gifting her with a retro pair of sunglasses by Gucci. I think mom should always look her best and I think you feel the same way. Mom will get a lot of use out of these stunning sunnies.

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