Just Letting It Go

I feel like in that last few months I have really had to put this saying, “just let it go” to good use. Really live it. It’s definitely easier said than done, but once you get into the habit of doing so it becomes quite easy to do. It’s freeing. There is an ease that comes to your life when you let go of the things, situations or people who no longer serve your life in a positive way. When you let go of ideas that are holding you back, when you let go of anger (this holds you back), or when you simply let go because it just isn’t working for you. Now, I am not saying just go out there and start quitting everything. Life has its’ challenges and you need to work through them and work towards goals even when it’s not easy. Letting it go isn’t about quitting. Letting go isn’t about giving up on people either. Although, there will come a time in your life where certain relationships must come to an end. Wish them well and move forward.

Letting go entails understanding that you can’t control every situation or other people. You can only control what you do and how you react to what’s happening in your life. Even so, with the control that you do have over your actions and your emotions don’t grip them so tightly that you can’t see things as they really are. Our minds are powerful and at times can make us believe what isn’t there. So when you let go, you also come to the understanding that you don’t know everything. Part of letting go is being open as well. Part of letting go is allowing life to give you knowledge, nourishment, love, and strength. When you let go, you become open and this allows you to receive what’s needed in every given moment.

To actively¬†move forward you have to let go. Let go of the past, because as much as we can carry the past into our current moment, we can’t go back. We can’t change it but we can change what’s happening right now, in this moment. We harness those past lessons we have learned and create meaning in our present moment, meaning that enlivens change. Anger is built off of ignorance which thrives off of our inability to let go. Our inability to let go of old belief systems and ideas that are wrought with hate, hurt feelings, control, and fear. Our inability to let go of past love so we can open our hearts to new love which then makes one bitter and takes away the sweetness and the great possibilities of new love.


Time Doesn’t Wait For You To Let Go

What I didn’t know, let’s say a year ago, that I know now before I started this journey to create an online place where life lessons and stories are shared is that this would be one of my great teachers. I understood that letting go was a big part of life and it happened and I did it. But there is something about my life now, where I am going and where I want to be that has really brought the idea of letting go to the forefront. There is no looking back, it doesn’t serve the moment and it doesn’t allow growth to occur freely when growth is continuously taking place. This journey has been a joy so far and I feel blessed. It’s also been challenging but with that, there has been a lot of growth. I have also come to really value time, as you know I have said before, your time is everything. Well, more so than ever this rings true for me. I have had to learn how to balance the pressures of entrepreneurship masterfully to maintain the passion and love that started it all.

In order to keep the calm, or zen I should say in my life I realize that choices have to be made quickly. I realize that spending too much time on things that are going in a continuous circle is a thing of the past. I have to make decisions, sometimes not easy ones, I make them, let go and move forward. In the past, I felt that I needed to stick it out, even when it wasn’t working, even when I knew deep down inside I was on a path to nowhere because nobody wants to be a quitter. Or I thought just give it/them a chance. I will tell you, part of letting go is giving yourself a chance; take a leap of faith. A time for you to be courageous and willing to accept failure and embrace triumph.

The beauty in letting go is the amount of knowledge you acquire because you’re not stuck. You know that something new, maybe something great (even if it’s not perfect), is waiting to be discovered by you around the bends and turns of life. That nothing will stay the same nor should it; thankfully. I know we all have regrets, things we wish we could have done differently. Maybe, things we wish we said but we were too afraid. The beauty in knowing is that you can do it differently now. You can create the life you desire for yourself and be the person you know you can be. Don’t let a single ounce of the past hold you back or take up leisure in your today or tomorrow. Those moments, people and experiences already had the spotlight. Dim that light and light a new one. You can’t live the life you want, love as deeply as you want or receive it if you hold on too tightly to what cannot be changed.

What can change is you. Yes, you! How amazing is that! The decisions you make from this day moving forward, that’s on you. What you allow into your life, who you allow into your life and what you must let go…this is up to you. I will tell you a lot of good does come with letting go. You may not see it at first, give it more than a week…okay! Give it time but just let whatever it is that’s making your heart, your mind, and your soul-sick and weary go. Start anew. Be open to change and be open to seeing a new picture of your life that’s better than what you imagine.





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    Loved this post. So very true.

    • Hanifa Sekandi

      August 9, 2017

      Hanifa Sekandi

      Thanks Megan, I am glad you liked it!!