Hair Education 101: Own Your Man Bun

For some, long hair is 21st century trend. It’s a hairstyle that is often associated with the rock and roller, hippie or deviant hair renegade. It’s a hairstyle for the gent who doesn’t believe in the status quo and refuses to follow the rules. Well, this ‘trend’ predates the 21st century. In fact, even the ‘man braid’ isn’t a new thing. I think it’s safe to assume, now that we live in post-modern times when everything that was once old is new again. Or when something new becomes old again, that men with long hair, a ‘trend’ that is also culturally rooted, isn’t going anywhere.

If you don’t like this ‘reckless’ hair ambition, then I am sure you are one of the many ‘man bun’ haters hoping this ‘trend’ will meet blunt scissors sooner than later. Well, stop the hate. Thankfully the man bun, is here to stay. I have always appreciated a man with long tresses. If I am honest, I prefer men with longer hair over a buzz cut any day. It doesn’t have to be super long, but a bit of length if you can grow it looks great.  Not to say, a good buzz cut is a terrible thing, on some gents it’s a good thing; it suits them. No one questions the buzz cut?! Everyone seems to be doing it?! So let’s just love the man bun and give those who rock it praise.


Love, Man Bun


As you know, I like to share with you my favourite products. I have been seeing a lot of man buns in desperate need of some major TLC. This actually applies to all gents, regardless of hairstyle. Boyfriends, listen, if you are going to rock the ‘man bun’ no split ends and tangled uncombed hair. Just like the ladies, you will have to learn how to take care of your hair. You need to learn about the importance of conditioning, I know, washing with good products, so much work, and lastly when it’s time to get a trim (heading to the salon). If only you knew back when you started to grow your hair that it would involve a bit of work right?! I assume you want to look nice and somewhat put together?! Lastly, taking care of yourself shouldn’t be last priority. Get into a good routine, after while it will be second nature.

I have been using Kevin Murphy haircare products for about 5 years. Kevin Murphy is a hairdresser from Australia who developed a haircare line touted as ‘skincare’ for your hair. It’s a product line that is sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free.


Some of its beneficial key ingredients include:

  • Mango butter and Murumuru butter (smooth cuticles)
  • Peruvian Bark, Baobab, Bamboo and Orange Blossom Extracts (weightless moisture)
  • Kakadu Plum, Orchid, Lotus Flower and Desert Lime (repair, antioxidants)

{You will notice if you get a chance to look him up that he also has a man bun in one of his video tutorials!}


Here are a few products for you to try: (scroll over or click product for details)



Note: Remember to wash your hair first while in the shower. If you want to apply conditioner and let it sit for a bit. Remember to rinse your body again, believe it or not residue from shampoos and conditioners on your face and body can sometimes lead to blemishes. So make sure you don’t leave any run-off product on your skin.

In addition, remember to be gentle with your hair. When putting it up in a man bun, loose and effortless is what you should go for. There’s no need for excessive tugging and pulling. Don’t neglect your hairline, it’s delicate. It has been reported that some men are experiencing traction alopecia (balding) due to tight buns and topknots. It’s worse if you’re already predisposed to this outcome (hair loss) or have very fine hair. So, NOT SO TIGHT.


In spirit of the man bun, I thought I couldn’t leave you without a message from Canada’s man bun ambassador, model Taylor David otherwise known as Jack Greystone.


Directed by: Natalie Rae Robison.

**P.S. This is not an advertorial or a sponsored post. Kevin Murphy is a haircare line I use and fully endorse.


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