Green Grooming: Organic & Natural Beard Care

A few guys have asked me what are the natural and organic (find out the difference HERE) beard care products I would recommend. Natural and organic beauty alternatives are popping up everywhere but it seems when it comes to products for men this new wave of green self-care isn’t readily available. I have not seen a lot of men writing or talking about this as much as they should. This is why I am really excited about the GREEN LUXE! It’s a great place for men and women to discover green alternatives for products they are currently using. Even if you don’t decide to go completely green when it comes to the products you purchase, I get it, it’s a big transition if it’s new territory. You can slowly swap out products.

Beards are still happening and to be honest, they have always been happening. If you are a bearded gent you may as well take care of your scruff with nourishing products. In addition, a lot of beard oils are great for skincare as well. You have to wash your beard since smells, bacteria and food get trapped in beards. It’s probably not something you think about but beards can get pretty germy and smelly. So keep it fresh and clean.

Here are a few great beard care products you should try. They smell great and are made with amazing oils that help with beard growth, condition, nourish and heal dry flakey skin.



DEL CAMPO – Organic Vetiver Beard Oil

Del Campo is an organic, bio-active and vegan brand. All of their products contain ingredients gathered from sustainable farmers all over the world. Their beard oils are lightweight and contain the best natural oils that don’t just benefit your beard, but your skin as well. This beard oil comes in four scents. I chose Vetiver because I just love this smell.


Del Campo Vetiver Organic Beard Oil
Del Campo Vetiver Organic Beard Oil – $50.00 USD – $66.94 CAD

Why Is It So Good? 

  • It contains organic Vetiver, Sage, and Cardamom.
  • It soothes inflamed and irritated skin.
  • Nutrient-rich barrier hydrates and protects.
  • Certified organic unrefined and cold-pressed oils: Almond, Grapeseed, and Jojoba oil
  • Contains a blend of exotic essential oils.



KENT & BONDOrganic Body Brick Collection

Kent & Bond makes great skincare products for men. I thought a great brick soap would be a great addition to your beard care routine. It’s gentle enough for your entire face. Many like the Charcoal Pine soap since it draws out impurities and toxins while gently exfoliating your skin. If you are looking for a hydrating soap that the kills bacteria try the Brisk Peppermint. The other bricks in this collection are Forrest Musk and Sweet Cedarwood (contains chia seeds to scrub away dead skin cells & rough patches). If you are getting into natural brick soaps get a nice ceramic stone soap holder. For longevity store soap on a dry surface, a ceramic soap holder is perfect and it looks nice.



Kent and Bond Organic Body Brick
Kent & Bond Organic Body Brick Collection – $70.00 USD -$92.73 CAD


Why Is It So Good?

  • 100% certified organic base oils
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Handmade in small batches that are aged for 3 months
  • Natural vegetable glycerin maintains skin’s moisture barrier




Province Apothecary is a Canadian brand. The products in this kit are made with Canadian winters in mind when your skin gets dry and irritated and your beard gets drier than usual. This kit comes with: Beard Oil with Black Spruce & Cedar; Repairing + Conditioning Lip Balm with lavender, peppermint, and calendula which to restores moisture and Protecting + Restoring Face Balm with a concentrated blend of Omega-3s. It’s also great during warmer months. Use the Beard Oil as the weather gets a bit warmer.

Province Apothecary Canadian Man Kit
Province Apothecary Canadian Man Kit – $50.00 USD – $60.00 CAD


Why Is It So Good?

  • Made with the best plant based oils
  • They use healing and therapeutic oils such as Avocado Oil, Lavender, Broccoli Oil, Vitamin E and Rose hip Oil.
  • Certified Organic



TOM FORD – Beard Comb

If you don’t have one, get one! Comb your beard, make it look nice, that is all. This beautiful Tom Ford high-quality beard comb glides through your beard which prevents irritation to your skin, beard breakage and damage. It also helps to evenly distribute beard oil.



Tom Ford Beard Comb
Tom Ford Beard Comb – $35.00 USD – $45.00 CAD




I will add more organic & natural beard essentials soon.  Keep checking the site!

Note: prices are subject to change based on the retailer or at the retailer’s discretion.

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