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As many of you know. If I ever drink anything in the cold brew family, it’s a Sapporo. I don’t consume wheat for various reasons – for me, it’s not a trend. Although, I bend the rules and have a little bit every now and then. For the most part, my life is gluten-free. As a result, I know a lot about rice beers or gluten-free beers but nothing about the classic beer that many people enjoy. I like to entertain so I think it’s nice to know as much as possible about drink pairings, this includes beer.

This month I stopped by 3 Brewers in Toronto for a little brew education 101. I know most people don’t think about what goes well with beer, usually wine comes to mind when putting together a dinner menu. If beer is an option, it’s good to know how the taste of the beer you or your friends’ are drinking compliments the meal being served. This can actually influence the taste, just like wine. I think most people, or maybe just me, think of bar food, a BBQ or comfort food when they think about beer. Well, your favourite brew can share the spotlight at your next dinner party along with a nice bottle vino. Not everyone is into wine, so it’s a nice option to have. You just need to know which beer works well with each dish. Luckily for you, I am going to give you a brief introduction into beer pairings to get you started.



Every time I stop by a restaurant, hotel, bar or tavern I like to know the story behind the establishment. I feel that it adds to the experience. Knowing that the food I am about to enjoy is a product of generations of family recipes passed down. It’s a dream that has come to fruition or a legacy maintained or restored. It adds to the experience and makes you realize that meaning is created everywhere you go.

The 3 Brewers finds its’ roots in a quaint village Lile, in Northern France where 3 brewers merged their individual passions for brewing to become the best brewers in the country. Generations later, a restaurant and an in-house brewery is opened. An ancestral heritage honored and continued for generations to come. What makes 3 Brewers so unique is that patrons can experience an in-house brew that’s made with the use of traditional techniques while they dine.


Beer Making



Below you will find a brief overview on traditional beers and the best dishes to pair them with. I kept it simple. I assume you’re going to purchase your beer pairings accordingly. Clearly, it doesn’t make sense to buy the whole list below for one dinner party. If you happen to stop by 3 Brewers they will assist you with this process by giving you a pairing suggestion below each item on the menu.




  • Aromas of citrus and clove
  • Sweet, delicate and unfiltered
  • Malt and wheat beer

Best Served with: Fish, salad (veggies) and dessert



  • Malty and dry
  • Fruity
  • slightly bitter
  • Pale Malt

Best served with: Cheese, poultry (nice roasted chicken), grilled meat (sausages)- BBQ friendly



  • Roasted caramel flavour
  • Rounded bitterness
  • Malt Pale

Best served with: spicy food, grilled meat, BBQ – sausage



  • Roasted malts
  • Deep rich aroma of chocolate and coffee
  • Malt Pale

Best served with: dessert, chocolate, braised meat – I call this the winter beer



  • Bold citrus flavour
  • Bitterness from North American hops
  • Biscuit and caramel notes
  • Pale Malt

Best served with: spicy food, bacon, cheese


I think this is a pretty good rundown for the novice. Your goal is to serve the right beer with the right dish. This simplifies the whole process, who knows it might encourage you to delve deeper into the art of brewing.

If you want a nice in-depth educational on beer and pairings and you live in Toronto, head to 3 Brewers, they’ve got you covered. They have a great menu and a nice variety of beers so it won’t be hard to find something you like.



3 Brewers


Here are a few images, all the pretty colours of beer. Let me know if you stop by!

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