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I am sitting in my office right now listening to Neil Young, Storystone, his new album. I love me some Neil Young and I know I am not the only one. Don’t quiz me though, I only know what I know and have a bad memory. I am the kind of person who sits in a room and hears a song and I am like…oh Neil Young like this one. That’s all the details I can give you. I say this because I have realized whenever the topic of music comes up there is always one person in the room who feels the need to grill you. Like, what do you know…I know more. Honestly good for you thanks. But my brain is full of way too many ideas to store other things. So forgive me.

On that note. When I decided to add a music element to this site I wanted to include some things you may not know about the artist(s) you love. This will not only help me, but it will help you get a little more acquainted with the person(s) behind the music. As an artist myself, I know there is more to it then what you see.

The music business, is a business. Don’t get it twisted. There are also a lot of lessons one can learn from this creative realm of madness. It’s crazy, it’s beautiful, it painful and for most worth all the sacrifice. I hope I can give you, not only a behind the scenes peak into the artist life. I also hope I can share some lessons from other artists and musicians.

Some of you are music merchants, always looking for something good, something you can relate to. Some of you just want something to dance to; so you love the festival vibe. Some of you are a mixture of both. Then there are the music hopefuls who hope to one day hear themselves on the radio or perform at a festival one day. I will tell you hearing yourself on the radio for the first time is the best feeling.

I hope to inspire you to keep the music alive and the beautiful dreams that live within the sound. Music will always be love. Music will always connect us. Just think, somewhere right now someone is listening to Neil Young. Right now, we are connected.

Stay tuned for more.

Peace & Love


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