Feeling Fanciful with FANCY FRANKS

Wrap me up in a bun and call me Frank. Yeah, I am feeling quite fanciful thanks to Fancy Franks. What is Fancy Franks you ask? Well It’s not a new fashion line, which by the way that would be a great name for a brand. It’s a new gourmet eatery that specializes in hot dogs, or what us fancy people would call it, franks.

If you live in any city and venture out at night I am sure there has been a time or two when you have drunkenly wandered your way to a street vendor for some street meat. I am not judging..but you know. Enough said.

Well, I have to tell you, you will never go that sketchy route again after you have feasted on Fancy Franks. All franks are made the right way, the old-fashioned way, they are hand twisted, made with 100% beef and put in a natural lamb casing.

As you enter Fancy Franks on Queen West (their 3rd location), you can’t help but notice the homage to the good o’l days. An image of Frank Sinatra, along with images of women and men from that era adorn the walls and remind you of a time when simple was always a good choice for everyone.

A first date spot that would rival any fine dining place. Don’t be fooled though, it’s gourmet, it’s feel good and it’s pure quality. Trust me boys, the ladies want to eat too and this place is the right amount of cool and comfort on a Saturday night.

Franks offers a good variety of gourmet dogs on their menu. I loved the FFGHD TX which comes topped with cajun spiced grilled onions, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo. You can also try one of their custom poutines or get your sugar fix with a classic milkshake, ice cream or sweet mini donuts (try the lemon curd and powdered sugar).

I have to tell you. I am feeling a little nostalgic. This place reminds me of my childhood. A childhood favorite made perfectly for the adult who will forever be a kid.

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