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Last week I got the opportunity to try HelloFresh, a weekly meal subscription service that delivers healthy well-balanced meals right to your doorstep! I love going to the grocery store, I am not one of those people who dreads it. I will say that these days with my schedule a service like this is a dream. Sometimes it’s not a matter of just going grocery shopping, sometimes you don’t know what to cook with the ingredients you’ve purchased. I am sure many of you have picked up take-out on the way home from work although you have a fridge full of food that you just bought.

If this is you, you know who you are, then you might want to consider a service like HelloFresh. Particularly if you are the person who ends up throwing food in the garbage because you forgot to cook or had no time, therefore, it went bad. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, a good meal plan will help you stay on track. You will also find that you save a lot of money.

I have to say, I absolutely loved this. I liked knowing what I was going to make for dinner each day. I also had leftovers for lunch! As long as you have a good spice rack and the essentials such as olive oil, avocado oil (you know how much I love avocado oil!) you will have no problem putting together a meal in about 3o minutes. The box comes with everything you need and HelloFresh posts the meals online each week, so if you’re out of let’s say black pepper which I was then you can pick it up.


HelloFresh Box


HelloFresh is committed to reducing food and packaging waste with pre-portioned meals that reduce food waste by 47%. They utilize direct sourcing, therefore, reduce supply chain energy, water, and labour waste by up to 41%. As a result, accelerated supply chains keep your food fresher than your local store!!

It was nice to have someone do all the planning for me and get farm fresh ingredients delivered for free right to my door. Guess what? I want you to try this service as well!!


For your first order with HelloFresh, you will receive 50% off using The Things I Wish I Knew Promo Code: THETHINGS50


I will be doing a contest with HelloFresh so check the site next week for details. I will also post a few of the recipes I tried for you to try as well. Trust me, they are so good. Honestly, it was the easiest cooking week I have had in a long time.


p.s. Check The Things I Wish I Knew Instagram feed for my HelloFresh experience.

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