Cold-Q Wants To Help You Stay Healthy This Winter

One of the good things about working for yourself is that you can hideaway during the winter. Of course, you have to leave your office for meetings and events but for the most part, you can avoid the busy subways and opt for Uber. A girl’s got to do what she can to avoid catching a cold right?! A bit extreme but I shutter when I get on a busy subway during cold and flu season. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for everyone and sometimes, our beloved friends cold and flu will find you wherever you’re hiding. It’s great to have all natural products like Cold-Q on hand. Not only do I love that this is a natural product I love the story behind it.

Don Segal personally invested in Cold-Q™ believing that Cold-Q™ can be a safe all natural alternative to treating colds and cases of flu. Inspired by his wife’s battle with breast cancer, chemotherapy and viral attacks on her immune compromised body, Don made it his quest to bring this all-natural product to market to fight off cold and cases of the flu, especially for people in a most vulnerable state.


What So Good About Cold-Q? 

  • Boosts your immune system before you experience cold/flu symptoms
  • Designed to attack directly at the site of the cold therefore works with your body to fight off viral attack at the early stages.
  • 100% natural spray, you spray this herbal formula at the back of your throat which attacks colds and flu where they live.
  • A clinical study showed that 80% of patients were symptom-free in two days of use.
  • Herbs in Cold-Q formula contain antiviral & immune enhancing properties.
  • All natural
  • Free of pesticides, heavy metals and preservatives. NON GMO

It’s always good to have an alternative and for someone like me this is a great option.


Cold Season Facts

· Millions of Canadians get colds and the flu every year

· Frequency increases rapidly in Autumn

· The average adult contracts 2-3 colds per year

· 10-20% of Canadians contract the flu every year

· Cold symptom onset can be as fast as 10-12 hours after
exposure and last 7-10 days

· Flu incubation period ranges from 1-7 days after exposure and
can last 2-3 weeks

· Higher rates of colds after a flight with up to 20% of
passengers complaining of symptoms one week after a 2.5-hour trip


“I think Cold-Q™ is an amazing supplement. It helps boost your immune system right at the time when you need it the most – before you come down with all the symptoms. The ingredients are delivered to the back of the throat, which leads to great absorption and protection from inhaled infectious particles. I have personally found it to be very effective at preventing transmission of upper respiratory infections.” – said Dr.Clara Flamer, MD – GSH Medical.



Cold Q

Retail: $23.99

Cold-Q™ is available at many health food stores across the country, as well as available for purchase online worldwide.
Shop online or find a retailer near you at www.coldq.com.




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