California Dreaming with Cresta Toronto

One of the things I look forward to when I visit Cali is the food. My sister and I have our favourite spots and we are always on the lookout for something new. I instantly fell in love with food in California because it catered to my allergies (I don’t comply at times to these restrictions, not the best idea and I suffer the consequences). A few years back, it wasn’t easy to find good eats in Toronto that were fresh, delicious and not loaded with gluten. The idea of having a burger went out the window literally, I gave up on it entirely while dining out. In Cali they skip the fillers (just fresh organic meat) and wrap it up in lettuce; finally.

When it comes to food trends, I would say that California is one step ahead. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, paleo or gluten-free, there is something for you and it’s simply delicious. I think there’s a juice or raw food bar on every block! Of course Toronto has great restaurants. The dining experience in Toronto has stepped up in a major way. It’s exciting to experience fresh cuisine made with love. It’s exciting to go to a restaurant knowing that you won’t be the odd one out and have to come up with your own dish that isn’t featured on the menu. Not too exciting. As you guys know I will be featuring different restaurants I dine at around the world. First stop, the six, aka Toronto, my home; je suis Canadian for life. Toronto has a lot to offer food wise and it seems that it just keeps getting better and better.

Recently, I stopped by Cresta Toronto, a new Californian inspired restaurant nestled in the heart of one of Toronto’s favourite destinations The Esplanade.  It’s literally a hop skip and a jump away from St. Lawrence Market. It’s already getting noticed by the brunch crowd, because yes in Toronto WE BRUNCH. I was told by Rory, their bar manager, honestly the sweetest guy ever that I need to stop by for their pizza and pancakes, which means you need to try it as well if you stop by for brunch. Rory said that the Pizza Western Omelette (Uovo Pizza) is delicious, it is topped with a pumpkin seed sauce and a poached egg. According to Rory it’s sweet and spicy.


What’s Cresta All About?

  • Californian wines meet traditional Italian food.
  • Cresta is named after iconic vineyards in California.
  • They strive to make sure that the wine compliments the meal.
  • Food is designed around wine.
  • Their wine is an exclusive label – only available at Cresta.
  • Grapes at the vineyard are hand-picked, sorted and inspected –  wine is aged for three years


The Experience

“We want people to get a broader view of wine and food. To understand how it brings out flavours” – Rory 


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FYI: They have excellent gluten-free and vegetarian options. Also, if you order a bottle of wine and don’t finish it at the restaurant they re-cork it for you! Their risotto is gluten free…amazing!


Images Courtesy: The Things I Wish I Knew, Cresta Toronto & Best Of Toronto

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