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I am sure many of you have added fitness to your new years’ resolution. I think it’s important to think of health as your wealth, therefore, this should be a top priority every year. If it’s just part of your life it won’t be a stressful thing. Your desire to be the best you which is healthy and strong shouldn’t feel like a chore. Your goal this year should be to get into a healthier state of mind and this also includes eating well and getting a good sweat in a few times a week.

I am happy to share that we have added a new section to our site THINGS FIT that’s dedicated to all things fitness. It will feature workouts and tips from fitness experts. We can’t wait for you to get fit with us!

Boxer and Studio KO Master Trainer DJ Laperle shares 5 Key Tips on how to get your high-intensity workout in if you don’t have a chance to hit the gym or attend a class with your busy schedule; no excuses. Laperle has developed a variety of effective training methods that focus on building lean muscle mass, improving cardiovascular abilities and maximizing calorie burn. Applying these methods to the authentic box-fit classes he has taught for the past 8 years has not only delivered results for his clients, it has earned him a loyal following.  Studio KO teaches real technical boxing, with precise conditioning methods used by professional athletes. Who doesn’t want to train like a pro?!


Here is a quick routine he created that you can do at home:

1. Start Simple: Skipping

· Quick skips are great for burning calories and easy to do anywhere – just pack your rope.

· Great for losing weight! It’s all about volume, so skip as hard as you can for 20 minutes straight every day.

· FACT: Skipping fast and hard for 20 minutes is equivalent to being on a spin bike for 50 minutes!

· Benefits: Burns calories, improves boxing footwork, and increases coordination.


2. In and Out Combinations:

· The Woodpecker: 1-2-1 / 1-2 / 1 and Repeat

· In boxing 1s are jabs and 2s are crosses and the slash cues you to step back and come back in for the punch. Important to focus on breathing and when to take a breath.

· Benefits: Jacks up your heart rate, and teaches you to engage and disengage when boxing.


3. Combination Punches with Conditioning:

· What it sounds like: combining 3 punches with a conditioning exercise – a little fancier than your typical combo.

· Leading with your left hand to start punching – left right left – drop down to a one-handed burpee using your right hand, jump up to boxing stance, and start another 3-punch combo leading with your right hand this time – right left right – drop down to a one-handed burpee with your left hand, jump up to boxing stance and repeat

· Make it more challenging by changing up your jabs and crosses to hooks and uppercuts!

· Benefits: Builds wrist strength, allows you to engage more muscles, and will help improve punching power!


4. Polish

· Polish is a European boxing exercise that refers to non-stop punching, while simultaneously running with high knees – bringing your knees to your waist while rotating opposite arm with opposite leg.

· You can do this on a bag or at home holding hand weights. To amp up the intensity, do an incline punch to make it more challenging!

· In a basic workout, you would do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time then break, but when preparing for a boxing match, you’re doing this for 3 minutes straight!
· Benefits: burns calories, improves coordination, and builds endurance!


5. Fuel Your Body within 30-Minutes Post Workout

· After a high-intensity workout – no matter how long or short – it’s important to refuel your body with essential nutrients to recover and repair muscle tissue. Get a good protein supplement. A good shake or bar.

Our BE WELL section features protein supplements we love. Stay tuned for more, we have a lot of exciting great things for you this year.


If you want to get the Laperle experience you can take a class at Studio KO, the leader in authentic boxing fitness which delivers high-intensity workouts that combine strength, cardio, and real boxing technique.



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