Blogger Isn’t A Dirty Word

I haven’t decided what category I fit in when it comes to the online content sharing world. In my mind, I am a songwriter and writer first; I am an artist. I have a love for words like no other. Writing is my lifeline, my ride or die.

As you guys know, or will soon. I have been working on my own products. I have plans y’all and it will all come together soon. I see the bigger picture and I am working towards it every day.

I remember not so long ago, some guy a friend (clearly not my friend) was hanging out with tried to insult me by saying “how’s that blog of yours going” “you’re a blogger right”…”good luck with that blog”… ” good luck with those products you’re selling” sarcasm, sarcasm. Just say what you really mean. I respect that more. Although, I will take the good luck part thanks. Clearly, she had told him all about it. Clearly, the conversations surrounding it were not friendly. What people don’t realize is that when you say negative things about someone to someone they don’t know, when they meet that energy is hard to conceal. Particularly for someone like me, I am very intuitive, a gift and sometimes a major inconvenience. I knew in that moment, she is not a friend of mine, not now and not ever again.

What I learned from that situation is that the people who you expect to give you the most support don’t. I guess this applies to other areas of life as well, but it really opens your eyes to who you are keeping company with. I am sure if you are a content creator, blogger, influencer or creative you have probably experienced the same thing from strangers and “friends”. You may not get what your friend is doing. We all have a different path in life. There is no straight line, I think by now we need to just accept this truth. What you can do, is support them. It’s their journey and they will figure it out. Don’t project your own insecurities about your life choices onto others. The life you live may only suit you. I don’t want your life and you shouldn’t want mine either.

Since I have joined the content sharing community I have met a lot of my peers at events or online. I know it seems like there are so many people blogging these days, it’s not true. This is the same notion that people often have when they meet musicians, they think everyone is trying to be in the music biz. There are over 6 billion people in this world and career bloggers, artists, musicians and the like constitute a very small percentage. Further, everyone isn’t going to law school, becoming a scientist, a doctor, an astronaut, a librarian, a talk show host, the list goes on and on; not everyone aspires to become a blogger.


Not So Dirty

Blogger is not a dirty word. Bloggers aren’t a lowly part of society who couldn’t make it in the real world. Many are highly educated (yes, they have Ph.D.’s), working during the day in finance, they teach, or they are CEOs. Some bloggers are journalists that use blogging as another way to get the message out.  I have met many bloggers who are currently getting their MBA or Masters. I have met bloggers who are full-time mom’s who use blogging as an outlet to share their life experiences. Believe it or not, it takes skill and you need to know more than a little something to be successful in this line of work. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Don’t let a glossy image, video or fancy site fool you. You should know, that most glossy fancy things require work to create them so I am confused as to why you think bloggers don’t work. They work hard in an industry that’s still quite new. There are no guidelines to follow and no one tells you how to make it into something because they are still trying to figure it all out and it’s all trial and error.

I know it seems like we live in bed all day and I have no idea what the weather is like. Is it cold outside? You tell me?! Someone pour me another matcha latté. I have had people ask me this dumb question as if I am hiding under a mountain of blankets in a dark room somewhere with my laptop perched on my lap. Yes, we do leave our homes. Where do you think we get our inspiration from? How can we tell you about all the wonderful things in life that we are trying that may interest you? Bloggers are not couch dwellers, in fact, many of us wish it was that good but alas, it’s not all glamour although you may think so. We aren’t trying to fool you either. We want to capture the best moments in life therefore, we put forward our best efforts to do so. We want to be that something in your day that takes your mind off the heavier things that life throws your way. Sure, we have bad days and a lot of bloggers share them with you. They share their journey with you so you can relate to them in a deep and meaningful way. With all the beauty you see, there’s a life behind the screen, the photo, the video and just like you, they want the best out of life. They are doing the best they can.

We wake up early, no not in the afternoon…I know you thought when I said early I meant 12:00 pm.  No, we are up at the same time as many of you and make it to the gym for an early morning workout and start our work day early. A work day that entails a shit ton of work (no joke!), meetings, and events. Some work from home, some have an office space they go to and some work out of cafés. Every day is a hustle. This isn’t a 9 to 5 lifestyle. It’s an until you get the job done lifestyle. Long days and working weekends is the norm, therefore it’s not for those who struggle with self-discipline. It’s not for those who forget about work after 5 pm; it’s work 24/7.  When you are your own boss, the only person to hold you accountable is you. You have to stay on top of your game and fight all urges to give up. For some, it’s a business and for others, it’s just a hobby. None the less, it takes time and effort. Every day is a new day to learn new things. The business of blogging/content sharing is complex and only those who take it seriously advance.

We know we aren’t doctors or journalists, although some are, and we may not save your life. Hopefully, we can add some inspiration into your life. Hopefully, through our stories, you will know that there is someone out there in the world going through the same thing as you. We are happy to try a product before you do and get a terrible rash so you don’t have to. We are happy to sift out the crap that we are told to buy because just like you, we don’t want to waste our hard-earned money. We are happy to be a part, of your world in some small way and you have no idea how much it means to us that something we said or did added to your day or made a situation you are going through a little better. We are all in this together.


Friend, Not Foe

Bloggers are not your enemy, but the best friend you wish you had. The one that tells you all their secrets and gives you as much as they can without expecting anything in return other than love. The one that won’t judge you and lets you know that hey, no one is perfect. The one that you can admire and aspire to be like without worrying if they will hate you for trying. The friend that you can get advice from when it’s needed or the friend that puts a smile on your face at the perfect time. A friend that motivates you to get healthy or make changes in your life so you can be the best you…no judgments here. A friend that reminds you that yes, although life isn’t picture perfect, trust me we know this, that you can create the life you want to live; you just have to try.

Being a full-time blogger is quite risky, so with that, I will say bloggers are risk takers. There is absolutely no job security. There isn’t a human resources board to report to if you have been treated badly. There’s no guaranteed paycheck, so for those wanting to get into this industry, keep this in mind. The rewards of this industry come to those who work. Those who are authentic and trust me everyone knows who’s the real deal and who isn’t.

You may have chosen a different path in life. I am not sure what you do for a living. Whatever that may be, I hope it’s something that fulfills you, something you enjoy and you’re passionate about. As I said above, I have a passion for words that runs deep within me. I feel so much gratitude each day that I have the opportunity, yes it’s an opportunity and a gift, to explore this medium through different avenues.

You can call me a blogger, that’s okay. What I won’t let you do is stigmatize those in this industry as self-obsessed lazy people. Just like many things in life, some things choose you and you may happen to be good at those things and others will recognize this. On behalf of the small populace that occupies blogger-land, I want you to know that we are here to stay. You can roll your eyes all you want and hate what we do, but sooner than later you will be loving it. Sooner than later.

Eventually, the blogger won’t be the new kid on the block. A few years from now it won’t be so easy to get into this industry just like every other industry that used to be a dirty word. It will only comprise of those who are good at it and those who take it seriously. Some schools will offer a course on the how to’s of blogging and some of those dirty bloggers will be standing at the head of the class telling you how to make it in an industry they stumbled their way up to the top in.



P.s. I don’t think we should lump journalists in with bloggers either. We need journalists, we need good ones who take the time to go into the trenches and report real news. We need them more so than ever. No blogger (unless you’re also a legit journalist) should replace journalists. Without journalists, we wouldn’t know what’s really happening. So we must treat them well and thank them, the good ones, for keeping our eyes open to what’s happening. The things we are missing, things happening right in front of us. Thank you for doing what you do in all industries. STAY WOKE.

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